Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW FOLLOWUP: Jurassic World Mini-Dinosaurs (Collectible bag)


Well hey, guess what? No sooner had I posted last week’s dinosaur review than I had found the full set!


Along with single blind bags and three-pack tubes, you can buy bags of ffiteen dinosaurs all twelve sculpts, including the exclusive Indominus Rex, and a few doubles added in, as well. The bag is resealable, which is kind of a nice detail.


Each dinosaur comes snugly nestled in its own little cardboard house, which is oddly, hilariously adorable.


Indominus Rex is a brand new dinosaur invented for the movie – literally, as the Jurrassic WOrld scientists bred it by mixing and matching DNA in order ot make a brand new exhibit. Even though it isn’t a real dinosaur, it looks pretty cool, and it’s nice having a figure of it.


The Allosaurus is pretty distinct from the other therapods, whcih is a pretty nice bit of detail – they weren’t just smaller T. rexes, people!


The Ankylosaurus is the cheapest-looking of the set, and I honestly wonder if it isn’t a reused mold from an old, cheap dinosaur set somewhere. It seems out of place.


As far as I can tell, every figure (except for the I. rex) comes in three separate color schemes. Depending on how the bag figures line up, it’s possible to grab all three for a few figures fairly easily.


The Dimorphodon especially benefits from different color palettes, too! It has the most complex paint job, after all.


As for the others, you can see a few interesting patterns, like this guy in Tyrannosaurus Red.


The new colors are interesting – given enough choice with the tubes or blind packs, and you can definitely pick a few favored schemes here and there. These aren’t super-complicated, nor are they meant to be.


Now that I’ve got them all, I can reasonably say that yes, this is a fun little set. It really evokes old, cheap plastic dinosaurs that most kids grew up with, only with a little extra branding – and hey, there’s that Indominus Rex in the mix, too.


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