Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: Doom Gotter Series 2 (Ironhaus X Imperfecx)


It may have been a few months, but the killer team of Ironhaus and Imperfecz is back with another installment of their unique little line, Doom Gotter!  In keeping with the theme, Series 2 is two figures, either yokai or cryptids, reimagined as massive kaiju beasts.  And as a bonus, theres a new batch of buildings, too!  There is a huge variety of colors to choose from, but I went with the green/purple mix, which forms a very hard-to-photograph pearlescent sheen that sparkles a little like opal. Like a big, rubbery opal.


Packaging is the same as before – plastic bags and header cards.  Nothing new, but consistency is a good thing.


Luke Harris’s contribution this time around is Ushi-Oni, who you might remember from a guest appearance a little while back.  This time he’s reinterpreted as standing upright, with spider eyes covering his ox head, and a general Eldritch Horror feel about him.  Ushi-Oni is quite unique, and stands out even among insanely monstrous mini-figures.


Sculpted by Jimmy Rommel, Chupacabra is the smaller of the two, looking like he’s ready to drink an entire brewery and smash some things.  Hilariously, the legend of Chupacabras dates back to 1995.  it isn’t really that old or legendary.  As of this writing, it’s not old enough to drink in the United States!  Chupacabra has some amazing fur texture, better than almost anythign I’ve seen in the custom/indy arena.


The new buildings certainly show some creativity, with taller damaged skysrapers, cylindrical and ewedge-shaped buildings, new textures, and a least one that seems like an add-on to other buildings.  The variety is awesome, and these go with so many kaiju figures on the market right now.


Price-wise, it’s the same as before.  On Imperfecz Toys, it’s $12 dor Ushi-Oni, 10 for Chupacabra, and $10 for 10 buildings.  For custom-made indy toys, that’s fairly cheap.


The figures are made of the same flexible rubber as always, and the only potential fragility issue might be Ushi-Oni’s neck. because it’s thin, but I doubt that it will be much of an issue.


These figures are just as good as Series 1.  The creativity that this line shows is right up my alley, and the inclusion of a non-Japanese monster just raises questions about what else we’ll see.  The possibilities are endless!


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