Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW FOLLOWUP: Mother Harlot (Shin Megami Tensei)


Hey, y’all!  I did a silly thing a few months ago.  When I reviewed Mother Harlot from Shin Megami Tensei, I got so wrapped up in discussing the background of the figure (just like I do with anything, really), that I forgot to talk about the toy, itself!  Ha ha… well, wow.


To start with, the figure is made of solid PVC – to be honest, the Beast’s body feels like vinyl (olid, not hollow), while the Harlot is definitely PVC.  I believe that they are the same figure.  Its solidity does matter, as this thing is hefty.  If you’re not careful when picking it up, it will take you by surprise.


The figure is about 6″ tall and 8″ long, thanks to the tail.  Somewhat small, and not quite in scale with most other toys, though it might fit in with He-Man.  I personally would pit this team against some mini figures, just for the size/shock value.


The Harlot detaches easily – in fact, all the pieces fit securely, but not too tightly.  She has a huge peg on her butt, which makes it hard to pose her on things.  You’d have to hide it.  The steam rising from her cup is also fragile and a potential breaking point, so be careful!


The Beast’s wings and tail come off, though the heads and crown stay secure.  Everything slots in pretty easily and securely, without any squeezing or looseness.  Just be careful not to pick it up by its wings, tail,  heads, or Harlot.  Stick with the main body.


And finally, the price of this figure could be an issue – it’s usually sold for around $60 or $70, though I got mine for $40.  It’s somewhat obscure, so waiting for a deal might not be possible.  But if you want a little taste of Revelation in your toy collection, it’s certainly worth a shot.

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