Comic Book Storytelling: Starfire #1

Starfire of the Teen Titans has her own new series.


When the New 52 started Starfire made her debut as part of the Red Hood and the Outlaws series and it produced a lot of embarrassed groans from fans for the way it portrayed her.  Starfire has a lot of pop culture credit these days from appearing in the Teen Titans animated series.  She is the prefect character to use to bring in more young female readers that the industry needs.  And instead of taking advantage of that opportunity DC decided to turn her into a sex toy to be ogled by her teammates and the audience.  This is not the first time the comics industry has squandered such an opportunity but at least now they are trying to do better.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanada Conner have a pretty good record so far with the ladies of DC comics and I think this series is off to a good start.  Starfire has moved to Florida for some reason or other, I don’t know if they will go into detail on why or just roll with it.  It starts with her meeting local sheriff and recapping her origin story before they go on a trip through town to get Starfire prepared for her new life there.

Starfire is from the planet Tamaran and it is well established that they have very different social standards than Earth.  The most notable differences being that on Tamaran they either have no concept of modesty or just don’t care about it and they are much more sexually liberated.  So there is no body shaming or slut shaming there, yay.  However the Red Hood and the Outlaws series took this things to the worst male gaziest place they could.  Palmiotti and Conner take those elements and play with them in a much more friendly, comedic, and dignified way.

Also Starfire has funny little thought balloons.  At one point an old lady says her grandson is “horny as an alley cat” and Starfire has little thought cloud with a picture of a cat with horns in it.  So that’s fun.  While this first issue mostly sets up the new status quo for Starfire it also sets up her first challenge, dealing with a hurricane.  I look forward to what this series will bring in the future.

3 responses to “Comic Book Storytelling: Starfire #1

  1. Looks great. I’m a tpb reader, so it’ll be a few months until I check this out, but it looks good. I’m interested to see how DC does with all of these new takes on some of their characters. It’s nice to see some more comics that seem like they’re devoted to being fun, colorful, and a bit sassy with unique storytelling instead of more of the same. Hopefully this turns out successful.

  2. One of DCs greatest animated shows of all time. Each character is well fleshed out, fantastically performed by each voice actor (Khary and Greg being my two favorites), and the humor and action are just spot on.

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