Life In Plastic: Toy Review Followup: MEGABEAST!!


MEGABEAST!!  Has any name inspired such terror before in the hearts of mortals?

MEABE-oh, wait.  They renamed him ULTRABEAST.  I dunno, is there any sort of copyright issue?  He was MEGABEAST!! in the ’80s, so MEGABEAST!! he will stay.  MEGABEAST!! is what happens when you have a Modulok and a Multi-Bot and you are insane.  Someone stop me.  Please.  I need help.

So much help.

If the two figures had one more one-to-two splitters between them, I could have fit all the heads and arms on one torso, but alas, it is not to be (though you can combine two Multi-Bot torsos and get the required sockets).  However, thos epincer arms make great tail stingers…

Anyway, my camera and lighting totally screwed up when trying to photograph MEGABEAST!!, so I gave up on the huge fight scene that was going to come.  Just enjoy the glory that is MEGABEAST!!









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