Life In Plastic: Mini Toy Review: PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES PT. II


No, I don’t mean Plants Vs. Zombies 2, though that is a fun game, this is just a look at some other PvZ figures Jakks has on the market: The Fun-Dead figures!


Now, I don’t have the whole set – I’m missing about half of them (normal, innertube, and disco zombies with pea shooter, sunflower, and wall-nut), but what I’ve got is a pretty good cross-section of these two-packs.  They are not in scale with the other mini-figures, registering at about 3 3/4″ for the big guys.  For example, the Imp Zombie in these packs, who should be tiny, is about as big as the regular zombie from the mini figure pack.


This is unfortunate, because otherwise they match, even being made of the same kind of PVC! The bigger figures have articulation, though – shoulders, head, and sometimes waist.  So, let’s take a look at the three packs I dug up!


The Football Zombie and the Jalapeno is an interesting set, because the Jalapeno is in scale with the other minis.  Granted, it needs the black base to stand, but there was no other way.


Football Zombies are vicious.  They’re fast, as durable as tanks, and plow through everything.  Either you have maor power likned up, or you need to use an instant-kill plant, such as the one included in this set.


From the last review, we had the Squash, which stops on a single zombie who approaches, and the Cherry Bomb, who explodes fter a second and takes out zombies immediately surrounding it (so there is some vertical range).  The Jalapeno Pepper detonates in a straight, horizontal line of fire, roasting zombies in the way.  It’s incredibly useful, and also one of the two weapons to use against the final boss (along with the Ice Mushroom, which does not have a toy).  And man, he looks unhinged.


The Digger Zombie and the Potato Mine manage to combine one of the more unique zombie types with yet another single-use plant.  And the Digger is another type who needs to be squashed fast, too.


The Digger Zombie is the only one who can never cause a game over.  He tunnels underground to the back of your formation, resurfaces, and then travels backwards, devouring your defenseless splants.  A few plants fire backwards and I believe there is one that can snag hi underground, but for the most part you need to drop a bomb on him – and do it fast.  Sure, he can’t kill you, but once one of him wrecks your line, any old zombie can finish the job,


The Potato Mine is super-cheap and actually the first instakill plant you unlock.  The reason being that, as useful as it is, it takes about thirty seconds to arm.  You need to plant one well in advance of the assault – it’s great in early-game before you have set out your turrets, but useless once things start rolling.


The next set is quite unique, as the ally is the big figure, and the zombie is the small one!  Granted, the main guy isn’t that huge, and he isn’t a plant, either.


Crazy Dave is your only friend in this zombified world.  He sells you seeds, slots for more plants, and other stuff from the back of his truck.  He also speaks entirely in “Wibble wabble,” and at one point gets kidnapped by zombies, but makes it out okay.  Why does he charge you money when everything is life and death and the world has ended?  Because he’s CRAZY!


The Zombie Imp is tiny and weak, but there’s more to him than that.  Imps come with Gigantaurs, massive behemoths who are the biggest, baddest things imaginable.  A typical Gigantaur insta-kills any plant in front of it, and requires so much damage to take down that you can actually use two of the insta-kill plants on one.  When a Gigantaur reaches half health, he chucks an imp over several rows of plnts to land and wreak havoc.  Tiny, but fierce!

Ikind of hope we get a Gigantaur figure.  It’d be huge, but needed.  The Imp is awesome, and about 60% more TIm Burtony than the other zombies, but he feels incompletr without his big brother.


So, how are these toys?  They’re out of scale with the minis, but a ton of fun – clean, simple, straightforward, and amusing.  The Football Player has trouble standing, but he’s the only one.  If you’ve played the game, these toys should be immediately appealing.  I’ll try to keep an eye out for the remaining two-packs, and hope for more soon!


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