Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: BURNING HELL TURTLE (Universe of Violence)


Hey, everybody! Universe of Violence is back!  And it’s got a new figure, sculpted by Jimmy Rommel and produced stateside by Eric Nilla.  It’s an update of Hell Turtle, one of the classic and favorite designs… but hey, why be boring about it?  Burning Hell Turtle is a massive beast, bigger than the original, and his sculpt includes some flame deco.  He’s got that trademark of a gigantic grinning face on his shell, which is always a way for Rommel to show off – and when you compare this with the (admittedly also awesome) original Hell Turtle, you can see just how much his sculpting skills have developed in the last couple of years!  It is available for sale Here, for $22.  It arrives in a baggie with a header card that features some cool artwork:




This new figure is surprisingly large, towering over MUSCLEs, Rise of the Beasts, and even the old Hell Turtle:







He also comes in several colors, including the one I chose – “Thermal black to pink,” which is actually plum to grapefruit (and now I am hungry).  Seriously, when cold/temperate, it’s plum:





Here it is half-turned.  The color change is pretty easy to trigger with only a little bit of heat, and lasts a long time:






And here it is when fully warm and color-shifted (well, except for a patch on the hand).  Look at how bright it is!





And my favorite, just the heart has been color-shifted:





The figure is made of fairly hard rubber with soe flex in it, and feels more than a little durable.  Although it is technically an indy art toy, it’s really a genuine, fun toy – this monster is meant to be played with, and even little kids will love it.  I certainly do, and I’m glad that I get to support soem of these indy guys.  Keep up the good work, man!


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