Everybody wants Hannibal

After the beatdown he received last week Hannibal makes his way back to his apartment where Bedelia gives him a bath.


HANNIBAL — “Dolce” Episode 306 — Pictured: (l-r) Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter, Gillian Anderson as Bedelia Du Maurier — (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

Once he is clean and stitched up its time for them to talk about their relationship.  Hannibal always planned to eat Bedelia eventually because that is what he does with everyone.  But there is no time for that now, Hannibal has been exposed as a killer and the police are looking for him so now there is a question of what is Bedelia going to do.  She is going to take some drugs and pretend that Hannibal brainwashed her.  But before that she gets a visit from Chiyoh.  They talk for a bit and Chiyoh reveals her goal is to “cage” Hannibal.  Everybody else wants Hannibal dead but it seems Chiyoh either cares about him enough to want him to stay alive or maybe she wants to deny him any dignity he might find in death.


HANNIBAL — “Dolce” Episode 306 — Pictured: Tao Okamoto as Chiyoh — (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

Meanwhile Will Graham arrives in Florence making pretty good time for a guy who was thrown off a train in the middle of nowhere.  Will and Jack meet up but don’t tell anyone that the killer is Hannibal Lecter because they don’t want there to be a free for all over the bounty.  Elsewhere Mason Verger and his caretaker examine all the ways they might cook Hannibal and eat him.  Also Margot Verger and Alana Bloom are apparently an item.  We discover this after yet another one of those weird psychedelic lovemaking scenes that Bryan Fuller seems to be so fond of.

Will and Jack find Bedelia but she sticks to her drugged-and-brainwashed story.  But they are able to get some clues about where to find Hannibal.  Will slips away on his own and finds Hannibal in front of the Botticelli painting that inspired his murders twenty years ago.  They actually have kind of a touching scene with each other as two friends reconnecting after being apart.  And then its time for them to walk together for their final battle to the death.  They are not far out of the gallery when Will already has his knife ready.  But Chiyoh is watching with a sniper rifle and shoots Will.  Hannibal patches Will up and waits for Jack to arrive.

Jack stayed with Bedelia until the police show up and finally reveals who Hannibal Lecter is.  The detective on the case gets really close and creepy with a drugged up Bedelia once Jack is gone.  Jack makes his way to where Will and Hannibal are and there he shares an elevator ride with Chiyoh.  The two have never met but there is clearly something up and they are both suspicious of each other.  But when they get to the top floor Chiyoh leaves.  Does she have a back up plan for getting Hannibal?  Did she figure out what Jack was walking into and decided to leave him to his fate?

Jack finds Will bound to a chair and gets ambushed by Hannibal who was hiding under the table.  Now Will and Jack are both tied up at Hannibal’s dinner table.  Hannibal takes out one of those skull saws and gets ready to reenact the infamous brain eating scene from the Hannibal movie.  There are even blood globules flying through the air.  But it seems Hannibal did not get very far with his skull sawing.  The next thing we know Hannibal and Will are hanging upside down and being greeted by Mason Verger.

So who sold them out to Mason?  Was it that detective who was creeping on Bedelia?  I doubt it was Chiyoh, this seems to contradict what she was after.  And what happened to Jack?  I will be out of town next week so the next Hannibal recap will be late.

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