Life In Plastic: SDCC 2015

I was going to post this on Friday, but then more news kept coming!  And for pictures… well, Michael Crawford handled the best, because he is awesome.  I feel almost silly giving such a small summary.


Mattel seems to have decided to stop hating He-Man.  Not only have they begun licensing the property al over the place (MOTUSCLEs!), but MOTUC has received a massive overhaul.  “Transparency” is the name of the game now, with Mattel’s team showing off the entire six-figure rebranded subscription for next year.  And the other six-figure Filmation-based subscription.  And the new exclusives, future plans, Thundercats figures(!), and even a Snake Mountain playset, which will be so gigantic that it includes a bluetooth device.


NECA has more of the same, which ain’t a bad thing – previews of the AvP Predators, Alien: Isolation figures, a variant of the Alien Queen (And I still don’t have the regular one), and some amazing Pacific Rim figures ruled the roost.  They don’t seem to be slowing down at all, and have even revived Gremlins for some new figures!


Hasbro is putting more effort into their Marvel lines, and seem to be ready to produce figures based on their newer characters, like female Thor or Spider-Gwen.  Other than that, though, it’s business as usual.

…And everybody else.  To be honest, Mattel really stole the show this year, followed by NECA’s consistent awesomeness.  The toy scene looks good for next year in ways that I had not expected – the new He-man material spea

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