Life In Plastic: Peekablue (Masters of the Universe Classics)


Competing with Callix the rock monster for july’s favorite MOTUC spot is Peekablue, a peacock woman from Princess of Power!  I do’t mean to sound biased, but Callix wins.


Peekablue is a peacock girl… sort of.  She’s a human with a feathery tail that might be part of her outfit, or part of her physiology.  It’s hard to tell.  Still, a peacock tail sounds like an excuse for some cool visuals…



A magical princess of Etheria, Penelope has the power to see in all directions. Her fabulous peacock feathers fan out into a beautiful plumage which is the source of her powers and making her a master spy. She is so proud of them that she likes to strut around Etheria just to show them off. It is the eyes at the tips of these plumes that give her the power of omnidirectional vision. This bird’s eye view of all Etheria lets her know when Catra and the Horde make mischief. After the Horde left Etheria, she joined She-Ra and the other members of the Great Rebellion on Eternia to continue the fight for freedom and peace. During the Second Ultimate Battleground she fought side by side with Man-E-Faces, eventually falling in love with him and choosing to stay on Eternia as a member of the Masters of the Universe.


So, did anybody ever go back to Etheria, or did they all just shack up with Eternian dudes?  Just wondering.



Nothing new, nothing different.


SCULPT: **1/2

At a glance, Peekablue really ain’t that bad.  Her hair is unique and stylish, she’s got a nice skirt, and that peacock tail certainly is a talking point!  But she kind of blends into the crowd with other PoP females, in much the same way that a ton of males blend together with the same body.  One thing I did notice, though, and don’t call me a megaperv for this… Peekablue’s got way more cleavage than other figures in this line.  I dunno, it just seems strange in comparison.


And of course, she has a gigantic, hinged tail!  From the front, it looks awesome.  From the bac, it’s unpainted.  From the side, you can see the huge drum peg.  The tail is reovable, but it leaves a gigantic gaping hole in her back, and is more unsightly than Angella’s!


See how Peekablue has a huge forehead?  That’s because her hair was glued on wrong.  they don’t all have this problem, but a lot do – congratulations, folks, it’s a bad QC error!



I will give her points for the tail paint… ignoring that the tailfeathers re unpainted in the back.  Peekablue does have some interesting colors going on, what with th eblues and greens and yellows, but missing details lik the backs of the feathers do get in the way.


And then we have the eyes.  Mine are fine, but she seems to be rare – most Peekablues have horribly uneven eyes, looking cross-eyed, wall-eyed, or mentally disturbed.  The same thing happened to Angella, too, which is unfortunate.



Peekablue  has a ball-jointed head, ball-and-socket shoulders and hips, hinged elbows, knees, and ankles, and swivel biceps, wrists, thighs, and waist, and two swivel joints on her tail.


It is nice how the tail can fold out completely or only halfway, but then, her head is extremely restricted by her tail and hair.



Aside from that tail, Peekablue’s main accessory is… her fan!  She has a red fan.  I assume that it is meant to be a weapon.


Peekablue also comes with a shield, a pretty little thing with a jewel that shares its sculpt with the standard Princess of Power shield.  It’s cute, at least.


VALUE: **1/2

Peekablue’s flaws really make her price point seem worse.



If you have a choice, compare things like the eye paint and hairline.  Apparently, they are epidemics with this figure.



Sold out from Matty, just like all the others.



I know I’ve been harsh on Peekablue, but she is rife with quality control and engineering issues.  and despite her feq unique points, she just doesn’t stand out much with her sisters.


This month gave us an interesting contrast.  Callix is awesome and a great sign for the future, but Peekablue is endemic of all the problems plaguing this line.  A lot about her is boring, inept, or just poorly-implemented.  Her hair is often glued badly, her eyes tend to be awful, and her back has a gigantic hole in it unless you plug the tail in.  Her articulation is hampered, she tends to fall over… but she looks all right if you get lucky.


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