Life In Plastic: THE END TIMES (Of Mordles?)


…Okay, maybe I was being a bit drastic.  Mordles are not going anyplace.  However, Club Mordle will not receive a third year – all our VIP treatment, alas, has ended!  And the final selection for Club Mordle is in!



The Redlaw Invaders, who are purple (I see what you did there), look pretty dang swanky with their silver highlights.  I feel like I need to bring them to a fancy restaurant sometime.  Oh yes.  Oh, yes.  So… swanky.



The Big Mordle this time is black, and called the Cure of Blood.  His blue highlights give him kind of a “cool” feel, as opposed to the nightmares you could get from red or orange.  He fits in nicely with the other biggies, who mostly are close-but-not-the-same as their small color equivalents. He’s all midnighty.



And finally, the White Mordles are finished.  I really enjoyed thos epsecial piecemeal bonus sets (white and brown), but it will be nice to not have to hunt them one-by-one from release to release.  White looks good for them, too.  So… what colors shall the future hold for these odd little gremlins?  Who knows!





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