Hannibal may have crossed too many lines with too many people

In this episode of Hannibal, that I am recapping on time, Hannibal may have finally crossed a line with Will that he can’t come back from.  In fact he crosses a line with some other characters too and suffers the consequences for it.


(Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

Will fills in Jack and Alana on the insanity of the previous episode and they seem to agree that eating a painting is pretty out there.  He also lets them know that he got his William Blake art reference from Hannibal so now they all know that Lecter is in contact with the killer.  Meanwhile Francis calls Hannibal again.  He is worried that he might lose control of his Red Dragon self and hurt Reba so Hannibal gives him some advice by suggesting that murdering Will Graham’s family will make everything better.


HANNIBAL — “…and the Beast From the Sea” Episode 311 — Pictured: — (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/NBC)

Francis begins watching Molly and Walter and even makes some of his films like he did with the other families and watches them with Reba there.  Like with the other families he makes sure the family pet is out of the way, in this case it means poisoning all of the dogs.  Molly gets the dogs to a vet in time to save them but with no knowledge of the case thinks the dogs just have food poisoning from bad Chinese dog food.  And of course Molly thinks it is best not to worry Will with this information.  And… that is actually a pretty reasonable response which just makes it all more horrifying for the audience.  The night of the full moon comes and Francis sneaks into the house.  But Molly wakes up an realizes there is an intruder.  She wakes up Walter and has him sneak out the window.  Molly is able to get out of the house and then uses the car alarm to distract Francis while she and Walter run away.  They make it to the highway and a car almost hits them.  The driver gets out and he is angry and freaked out which is understandable and before Molly can try to explain whats happening the guy gets shot.  Molly and Walter are able to get into the car and start driving away but Francis keeps shooting at them and Molly is hit.

Will goes to the hospital where Molly is in surgery and Walter is safe.  Will tells Walter that he is going to catch the killer and put him in a mental hospital.  Walter is not interested in that shit.  Walter’s mom was just shot and anything less than a confirmation that the man responsible will be dead one day probably sounds like a load of crap to him.  So Walter does not want to talk to Will right now.


HANNIBAL — “…and the Beast From the Sea” Episode 311 — Pictured: — (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/NBC)

Francis is upset that his latest murder was thwarted and he imagines the dragon attacking him, but mostly we just see him literally beating himself up.  He then meets Reba in the dark room and says he is afraid he will hurt her.  Its bad enough that he is trying to break up with her but Reba probably also perceives this as pity which she can’t stand.  So Francis gets even more upset and needs to talk to Hannibal again.  And Alana Bloom and Jack Crawford are on the other end listening in.  Earlier Alana confronted Hannibal about the fake calls from his lawyer.  He never directly lied to her but he is already on thin ice so agrees to help them trace the call.  And Hannibal does stay on the line just long enough for them to trace the call but ends it by warning Francis that they are listening.  And by the time Jack and the FBI figure out that the call came from Hannibal’s old office their quarry is gone.

By warning Francis that the FBI was onto him Hannibal crossed a line and Alana carries out her threat to deprive him of his furnishings.  Now all Hannibal has is a big empty box to live in.

Will is there when Molly wakes up from surgery.  Everyone blames themselves, and Jack, for what happened.  They have been through great horror but Molly and Will are committed to staying together and going home when the case is over.  And finally Will goes to confront Hannibal.  Earlier Will talked to Hannibal and it was almost kind of hard t watch because Hannibal was giving all kinds of clues about what was about to happen but Will was just not making the connection.  Will is understandably upset and even Hannibal seems a little off his game in their final encounter of the episode.  Hannibal still sees Will as his friend on some level and I think he knows that sending the Red Dragon after Molly and Walter may have been a step too far.  But it was still a line that needed to be crossed in Hannibal’s mind.

The series is coming close to its end.  I will be here to recap it.

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