Wizard World Chicago 2015 Saturday

Another Wizard World convention has come to Chicago.  I have been going to Wizard World Chicago since I was in Junior High but times are different and the scene has changed so its getting harder for me to justify the cost of going the whole weekend.  So this year I only attended on Saturday.


The day got off to a good start, I was able to beat the worst of the traffic to get into the parking garage.  I went to a few different panels including a special screening of the new CBS Supergirl show but I will be talking about that in a separate post.  The Patreon Primer panel was the most informative.  Patreon works best for people that already have an established audience to build off of.  I also went to panels on How To Get News Coverage and one on creativity.  They were both okay.  There was just not as much on the schedule that stood out to me this year.

I also saw this dog.

Super Dog

Yep someone brought there dog dressed up as a Superdog to Wizard World Chicago this year.  This dog was very popular.

And here are some pictures of humans in costume.

As usual with Wizard World there were plenty of vendors on the floor but not as many exhibitors.  And the trend of these vendors trying to charge on card prices for loose action figures continues.  I saw one vendor selling old GI Joe figures for three dollars each and half of them were missing heads and limbs.  I saw a recently released DC collectibles Wonder Woman action figure in a plastic bag labeled the same price as one still in the package.  I also saw some cool transformers.

In the evening they had an Evil Dead I and II reunion panel before the costume contest.  I went to get a seat because like last year they did not clear the room after.  Bruce Campbell always makes a panel enjoyable.  The cast talked about various experiences on the set when the movies were being made and how the people of North Carolina kept apologizing for the heat.  Ted Raimi talked about getting his screen actors guild card on that movie and how much the monster suit made him sweat.  Bruce Campbell also talked about the upcoming Ash vs Evil Dead series.  The show will use practical effects and the blood delivery system has greatly improved in the last thirty years.  We saw some behind the scenes footage of the show and heard some stories about how unpredictable pressurized fake blood spray can be.

Before the costume contest there was a concert with Critical Hit performing.  Critical Hit is a band that performs video game music and is lead by Jason Hayes, a composer for some of the most memorable music from World of Warcraft.

The concert was really great and they even had a guest electric guitarist.

Once the Critical Hit show was done it was time for the costume contest.  During the show I was only able to get one usable picture.

But at the end of the show I was able to get some decent shots of the judges, runners up, and winners on the stage.

Overall it was a good show.  I have said before that Wizard World is not what it used to be but the whole industry and convention scene has changed from what is was 10-15 years ago.  There are still things to enjoy but as I said earlier its getting harder for me to justify going the whole weekend.  Saturday is usually the busiest day on any convention with a lot of the biggest events.  I enjoyed the costume contest this year a lot more that some of the others but there just did not seem like as many big events this year.  Well another Wizard World Chicago weekend has passed.  Until next year then.


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