Moose.  Moose makes mini figures.  Moose makes tons of mini figures.  Whether it’s Shopkins, Mutant Mania Wrestlers, Trash Pack, Fistful of Power, or whatever else they feel like, Moose has managed to almost solely populate an entire field – if you go into a normal Toys R Us, they pretty much have an aisle for themselves.  If you have been to a toy store, you may have noticed these huge slime-covered bulldog puppet on the shelves, the Ugglys Pets.  But they also have a moose-run mini figure line!


Each pack is half-blind and half-open, and each figure has a color variant or two.  They come with “creative” names like Puggly or Turdle, or “Old English Sleep-Bog,” which is just a random word replaement.  The rubber is a little squishy, but not as soft or sticky as the Trash Pack – except for the “Sticky” subfaction, which are soft, sticky rubber.


Although most of the figures are nearly identical dogs (several of which are actively urinating on something, or spewing feces), there is some variety – I really like the crab, for example.


I admit, they’ve got some charm, despite all the bodily fluids splashing everywhere. Each figure has some definite personality, thogh it’s as likely to be “gravely ill and miserable” as anything else.


Poop.  They come with poop. The exact color and shape of the poop is hidden, with rare poop being goldcolored, but it’s poop.  Squishy rubber dog doo.  Moose has officially found a way to outdo Garbage Pail Kids in the gross-out factor.


And then you have special single packs, like the pet house ones – this goldfish is possibly the saddest thing ever.  Seriously. The aquarium makes sickly noises when you press down on it.


So, overall?  These are weird.  They have an odd, magnetic charm, but they really represent the apex of gross-out toys (next to, maybe, some of the original Madballs).  They come with poop, for heaven’s sake!  I would like to track down the spider whenever he shows up – Moose is famous for never releasing full sets in a single “wave” – but accumulating the entire gang would be a little much.


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