The Dragon’s Quest. (Tales of Nuevo Detroit. Book 1)

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There once was a tabletop role-playing game called Shadowrun. The basic premise of the game was to mix the dark dystopic societies of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, with the kinds of fantasy creatures found in the Lord of the Rings, and other fantasy novels. It was a blending of two great tastes that surprisingly tasted pretty great together. The genre is known as Cyberfantasy.

The Dragon’s Quest, by William Brown IV is as novel set a few hundred years after an event that brought Elves, Orcs, Giants and even loathsome Goblins into the world. Science did not roll over and vanish though, it continued as one might expect, and both humans and non-humans adapted and learned to live together. Mostly.

This story is about a group of very highly accomplished individuals, all with compelling and interesting stories of their own, who are hired to perform a very, very difficult and dangerous job.

Think The Dirty Dozen with computers, swords, magic, and high tech military gear. Each is an expert in their field, and they need to be.

The group is challenged again and again to overcome various hurdles in their quest to finish their job, and again and again, they manage to find interesting though often not ideal solutions.

I brought up role-playing games earlier for a reason beyond the sharing of a genre that I enjoy. This book reads much like some of the adventures I’ve played myself, and I found myself recognizing themes and situations that I’ve played over the years in Shadowrun. Much of it was familiar in a good way, and I often smiled as I read a passage that reminded me of something my gaming group had done.

But even though it reminded me of games that I’ve played, it doesn’t read like a transcribed marathon session. A lot of thought and detail work has gone into building the world of Nuevo Detroit, and there’s obviously a great deal of story yet to be revealed.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and hope to return soon.

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