Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Perfuma (Masters of the Universe Classics)


Thanks to Halloween, this review is late!  Perfuma occupies the hallowed spot of the last member of She-Ra’s Great Rebellion to be produced in Masters Of The Universe Classics (of the ones who had vintage toys, that is).  Well, sort of, there’s still a Starburst She-Ra sitting around unmade.  But here she is, as part of October’s subscription (like I said, late).  And just who is she?


Born on Etheria in an enchanted flower garden far, far away where sunflowers sand and daffodils danced, Tara was taught by the magical flowers to put people to sleep. She now uses this secret power to help She-Ra and the Great Rebellion. Whenever Catra and the Evil Horde try to make mischief she opens her petals into a beautiful blossom. As soon as enemies get a whiff of her perfume, all they want to do is fall into a deep slumber. She later used her power on Eternia, traveling with She-Ra to join the heroic Masters of the Universe in the continuing battle against Hordak. With power over everything that grows, Perfuma’s enemies come near and are put to sleep with her floral aroma. Even Hordak couldn’t stand the beautiful scents of Perfuma’s magic and had to beg She-Ra to take her away!


A hippy!  Flower power!  Actually, I’ve got to give the bio props for not shoehorning Perfuma into a random relationship with Moss-Man or something like that.  It pretty much just describes her cartoon episode, and then stops while we’re all wondering why it is that Hordak, bloodthirsty conqueror of worlds, didn’t just shoot her.



We are almost done with the utterly-identical MOTUC packaging.  And it’s still the same as always.


SCULPT: ***1/2

Perfuma’s sculpt is very good, but very strange.  Rather than using her toy or cartoon designs, the figure combines them into a brand-new look for her.  She certainly looks good, it’s just odd in this toy line of retreads and updates.  She’s better-detailed than most POP gals, with tiny vinework in her dress, hair in a unique tendril style, and some lines beneath her eyes.  She certainly fits in with the other ladies, this despite being the lightest and happiest of the group.  Concerning those lines under her eyes, they do seem to be a universal part of the sculpt, and not a rare error.  Maybe she’s just sleep-deprived?  Or stoned?

It’s only sort of part of the sculpt, but Perfuma’s scent needs to be mentioned.  Moss Man smelled faintly of pine.  Stinkor smelled faintly of patchouli.  Perfuma absolutely reeks of rose – artificial, not real – and will fill up any room she’s in.  It’s kind of insane, and might affect how you store her.


PAINT: ****

Pink and green and yellow, oh my!  Perfuma is bright and girly, moreso than the other ladies in this line – yes, even more than Glimmer.  But it fits her very well, and the detailing is pretty clean.  Seriously, what else did you expect?



Perfuma has the same not-as-good-as-the-males articulation as any MOTUC female.  Her skirt is surprsingly non-restrictive, and although her hair does limit her a little bit, she still has decent range.  This akes her slightly better than many females, though still lacking when compared to the dudes.



Perfuma comes with a ton of accessories, and they vary a little bit.  Her hat is a giant rose, and it clips easily behind her tiara.  She looks good both with and without it, and it’s probably the best single thing she owns.


She also comes with a POP-standard shield, which might scrape her wrist a little if you aren’t careful.


And then there is the gigantic flower cannon.  This huge gun was a backpack for the original figure, but there is no way to clip it to Perfuma’s back now.  You are supposed to have her hold it like a bazooka, but it’s simply too heavy for her arm.  She can cradle it, but that’s awkward.


Thankfully, the gigantic rubber rose can separate from the gun, making it something she holds and giving her a bonus flower.  It’s just that it really doesn’t work on its own that hurts this accessory greatly.



As a MOTUC figure, Perfuma costs almost as much in shipping and tax as the figure itself, which is unfortunate.



THE SMELL.  Seriously, air her out for a while.


Also, don’t let the shield scrape her arm, and try not to pose her giant flower gun in a way tha tloosens her joints with its weight.



This is MOTUC, so… secondary market.


OVERALL: ***1/2

Perfuma isn’t a bad figure at all – she’s pretty good.  But she does have flaws, whether it’s the odd combo design, or the lines under her eyes, or one completely unwieldy accessory.  Or the reeking artificial stench that constantly exudes from her.


As the final POP figure, the sub-faction isn’t exactly going out with a bang.  As much fun as Perfuma may be, she feels more like the character Mattel forgot until the end.  They certainly put a lot of care into her design, but this figure shouldn’t be treated as more special than any of the others.


Okay, this is just here for the disturbing Perfuma x Stinkor photos.


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