Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Universe of Violence: Chaos Dimension


It must be a custom toy season or something, because the next set of Universe of Violence is out!  After a year and three quarters, we’ve got another set from the Australian branch of Ironhaus – and this time, it’s three figures!  Ordering is about the same as always, though if you are in America, the figures will be produced and shipped to you stateside to save money.  Although the miscasts are gone, at this time of writing every figure is still available.



They come with lots of extras, including character sticksrs, a refrigerator magnet, and even bonus figures!  They also randomly come in mixed colors, mixed rubber-resin, glow in the dark, thermal, and even scented figures, which is a level of randomness you just don’t see often.  There are even Death Match rules on the site, if you want to turn them into a game!  So, shall we take a look at the figures?



First up is Deadface, a recurring figure in Ironhaus Productions.  Each version of him seems clearer and clearer, and this one is very obviously a guy wearing dead skin on his face, with a knife jammed into his arm.  I love his exagerrated, strange musculature, which reminds me a little of the old Splatterhouse games.  This set of UoV figures comes with bonuses, including scents – cotton candy, apple cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, aphrodisia, and peanut butter cookie.  This figure seems to be faintly scented with aphrodisia, which… probably isn’t how he would smell in real life.



The figure is also thermal – here it is halfway between red and green.



And here it is completely changed.



Next up is West Nile, a figure that has been in production for years.  And boy, does it show!  This is one of the best Ironhaus sculpts, with incredibly clean and complex detailing – what’s with his skin texture?  Is that exposed muscle?  West Nile is so named because of his beaked plague doctor mask, and the overall effect is of one of the most vicious professional wrestlers ever.  He smells of apple-cinnamon.



And then there’s Hell Chicken.  This figure was produced as sort of a “bonus,” but then became the game’s first Boss Monster.  Hell Chicken is a little hard to make out at first but once you really study it, you understand.



Most of its detailing is really gory, as if it’s covered in blood and gunge.  It has a primary face in its stomach, witht he chicken mouth open in some sort of primal chicken scream.  Those hands could be wings, claws, or clubs, but they certainly look vicious! He smells of Peanut Butter Cookie.



As for bonuses, most orders receive some random casting experiments by the Australian Ironhaus guy – this viking (originally from a Norwegian line) is the most common.  I also got a recast Jabberwocky from Monster in my Pocker.



So, how are these figures?  They certainly fit in with all other UoV toys, even with the variance between the messy Hell Chicken and precise West Nile.  It’s nice seeing West Nile after all these year, and the best Deadface ever is certainly a plus.  They’re more than worth it – just like the rest of the UoV line!




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