Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman the golden age #4-5

I am still here everyone.  Sorry for yet another long absence.  Lets get back to talking about Miracleman’s Golden Age.


Numbers 4 and 5 of the Golden Age arc have both come out so I will talk about them both here.

Issue 4 fills the audience in on what Miracleman’s daughter Winter was doing during the time she left Earth and came back.  It does this by way of a bedtime story for two children.  One is an ordinary boy and the other is his half sister who happens to be one of the miracleman super babies they have been eugenically breeding.  It seems the super babies come and go as they please from their human families and can control their aging.  From the storybook we learn that Winter met a bunch of aliens.  She also met a Warpsmith and learned how to teleport like they do but so far no others have managed to duplicate that power.  Anyway the mother of the super baby has a pretty sad depressing life and having an inhuman super child has just magnified that.


Then in Issue 5 we get a story about a weird city where everyone is a spy.  It turns out spies had the hardest time accepting the Golden Age so they were put into some kind of virtual reality city where they could keep being spies and they can only escape if they realize their world is fake.  The main character comes to this revelation and meets some kind of virtual construct of Evelyn Cream that Miracleman made to oversee the city.  So the women escapes and joins reality but is left wondering if this is yet another simulated world.

Then we get a back up story about that kid Miracleman met way back early in the series.  It was this little tangent where Miracleman was sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere and some kid who was collecting supplies for the apocalypse found him.  The kid is now much older and he just had sex with a girl he was paired with using Miraclewoman’s matchmaking service.  We never see this girl as she is completely covered by the sheets next to him and it makes the scene a bit odd.  The kid talks about how he met Miracleman that one time and how he was outside of London when Kid Miracleman massacred the place.

Like the rest of the arc so far we have seen lots of ways the Miracles have worked to make the world better overall but for a lot of people on an individual level the Golden Age sucks pretty hard.


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