Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Alien Eggs (NECA Toys)


NECA wins everything.  Just gonna say that.  Alien eggs and Facehuggers are kind of needed in any Alien-based toy line, but the delivery method is always in question.  The old Kenner line tossed Facehuggers in with some of the figures, while McFarlane Toys included a few egg dioramas with Facehuggers in their boxed sets.  NECA remained silent on that front, sneaking in an egg and hugger in with torn-in-half Bishop – but really, is that enough?  You need SWARMS of Facehuggers, and NESTS of eggs!



And so they did this.  Heheheheheheheheheheh.  Six eggs in two styles – three open, three closed – as well as three bendy Facehuggers, all for $25 (roughly the cost of a figure).  But you know, the packaging is the best gimmick ever.  I especially love the nutrition label – by the way, don’t peel it off.  The reverse side is just an ad for other figures, and it’s way better when still on.



My roommate noticed this one pretty much immediately.



The inside of the carton has some safety tips – pretty helpful… well, if only I had read them.  Uh-oh.



Once opened, the Facehuggers are wrapped in protective plastic, though otherwise everything is as loose as in an actual egg carton (there is some plastic wrap around he whole thing on store shelves).



And once the wrapping is taken off, you can see how easily it all fits together.



The eggs are rubbery and hollow – here’s a closed one.



And here is an open egg.  The Facehugger fits easily inside, just like it’s waking up…



…Or attacking!






The insides of an egg are pretty gross, because let’s be honest:  Everything having to do with reproduction is gross.  We’re lucky that we are biolgically hardwired to bypass our disgust reflexes when sexually aroused… which also kinda explains some of the weirder feishes out there.



The Facehugger itself has a flexible tail, though the rubber is NOT durable – be very, very careful when you bend it, or it will tear on you.  Trust me, it’s sadly fragile.



Seriously, be careful.  Keep them curled or curved in a generous arc, and do not put any stress on the flexible rubber.



All three have the same leg configurations, though they do look good from several angles.



Hey can kindasorta wrap around another figure if you are careful – remember, watch those tails.  The McFarlane Facehuggers were a lot more durable than this, and it’s the only drawback of this set.



The eggs are, of course, perfectly in scale – and even without the egg carton gimmick, it’s a great little set!




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