Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Laser Power He-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics)


At the very end of the original He-Man line, Mattel produced one final set of He-Man and Skeletor variants, this time with cyborg dealing and a battery-powered action feature… but as the line unceremoniously died, they were only released in Europe.  Owning the original Laser Power He-Man and Laser Light SKeletor is quite a feat these days, and even though the similarly-rare giants showed up in MOTUC, the includion of the Laser figures was a welcome surprise – and look, it’s the special “Holiday” item for 2015!  Helping to round out the end of Masters of the Universe Classics (though there will be toys next year, the branding will be different) is, fittingly, the last of the original line.


Skeletor simultaneously grabbed the Vortex Key, transporting them to Trolla. Finding himself on a world turned upside down, He-Man allied himself with the remaining Defenders of Trollan while Skeletor took command of the Unnamed One’s Revenge Squad, which was responsible for decimating much of the planet. Eventually, He-Man and Skeletor met on the Jaw Bridge of the great Temple of Power. Though both were enhanced by the Star Tree’s power and the Aura of the Gods, it was He-Man who became the ultimate victor, using the Sword of He to separate Keldor from Demo-man, seemingly ending the threat of Skeletor forever.


Yeah, remember that two-page fight?  It’s that.  But it is interesting how Mattel took the “last” He-Man and Skeletor variants, and made them chronologically their final costumes.  Pretty cool, huh?  Well, let’s look at the toy!



It’s the same two-pack packaging as other figures in the line, which is just fine.


SCULPT: ****

Laser Power He-Man was one of the steps leading to the New Adventures cartoon, as Galactic Protector He-Man was basically a combination of LP He-Man with Dare, Son of He-Man from a failed sequel pitch.  You can see the influence clearly in this design, as it’s He-Man at his techno-finest up to this point.  He is no longer a barbarian, now he dresses that way purely out of choice.  He’s practically naked, but instead of fur underwear it is all metal harnesses now.  And yet, the design looks good – it’s ’80s in a way that only the ’80s can testify, and He-Man looks like he would be equally at home in Krull as in any Star Wars ripoff.


Unfortunately, He-Man’s battery backpack is gigantic, and it makes it somewhat hard for hi to stand stably, but it isn’t impossible!  Instead of thinking about that, focus on his excellent face, which looks weathered and mor eature than most other He-Men.  And why not?  This is He-Man at the culmination of his career, ready to take down skeletor once and for all!  It’s a very Lundgren head… and one of the two head variants for the vintage version of this figure was based on Dolph Lundgren, so that’s a nice detail they added.


PAINT: ***

Laser Power He-Man’s paint doesn’t really match the vintage figure – sacrelige?!?  The old toy – and his appearance in last year’s mini-comic – gave him a gray-greenish blue for his armor, whereas this toy is very, very blue.  If you want accuracy, this is bad.  If you just want the toy to look cool, though, it suffices.


Aside from the paint snafu, it really does look good.  Again, stare at He-Man’s face, which is a fantastic variant of an oft-visited character.



He-Man has typical MOTUC articulation at its base – he isn’t missing anything, which is surprising considering how much Skeletor lacks.  But, aside from the difficulties in dealing with his backpack, you can put hi in pretty much any pose.


He actually has a little ore than usual, with a special hinge in his wrists so far only seen in the Galactic Protector variant.  For once, He-Man can properly hold his sword aloft, no cheating!  Oh, if only every He-Man had that.



If Galactic Protector He-Man came with a lightsaber, then Laser Power He-Man comes with one of those cocnept art/pre-Jedi lightsabers that plugs into an external power source.  It was a feature of the original, and it’s the same now – He-Man’s laser power sword is connected to his backpack via a huge power cable.  Now, in a real fight, this would present a weakness – but this is He-Man, so it’s forgivable!


As for the sword, its wide, flat blade lends itself nicely to the LED inside, as the weapon lights up in a fantastic golden glow. This looks like it could burn evil – and frnakly, it looks great no matter the lighting!  It only stays lit for a few seconds after you press the button, but it’s more than long enough for a few pictures.  This is not a cheap LED effect, it’s quite strong.


The sword clips nicely onto the side of He-man’s backpack, which is quite good when you consider that it is permanently attached to him.


He-Man also has armor on his right shoulder and forearm.  It looks cool, but the pieces do not stay on very wel – as if learning from Terror Claws Skeletor, their grip is too light to do damage, but also too light to hold on securely.  Expect to put these back on often.


Sorry, just gotta comment on that sword again.  Have you seen the way it glows?  Damn, man.



This was a $60 set (ouch), but it’s already going fot $100 on the secondary market (super ouch).   I am so, so sorry.



Don’t mess with the wire, always check his batteries, and remember that his sword and armor will fall off, and you’ll be fine.




The two-pack sold out from Mattel instantly, so… have fun.  I’m sorry.



Well, it isn’t perfect.  He-Man drop shis sword, his armor falls off, he has trouble standing, and his colors are off.  And yet the light-up gimmick is so well-realized that it negates all of thoe flaws.  This toy is awesome!  Think bout the fact that none of these pictures have anye diting done to them in post, they just let the toy shine for what it is.  Laser Power He-Man is an interesting footnote in the line’s history, and now finally an accessible toy – if only it were marketed to children!


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