The Robot’s Voice is Dead. Long live The Robot’s Voice

This site owes its existence to one of the best and most entertaining Nerd Blogs on the web.

Way back in 2008, a small site called Topless Robot started up with Rob Briken. at the helm. It was a fun irreverent blog that poked fun at nerdy properties and interests, and over time it gained a pretty significant following.

The commenters there became online friends, and in one amazing case, they merged and bred and made a new life.

Three years ago, the torch was passed to Luke Y. Thompson who bravely weathered the usual voices from those who fear change to make Topless Robot his own. Over time the decision was made to change the name to The Robot’s Voice. This had the unexpected benefit of allowing people to freely browse at work and not look too embarrassed when discussing their favorite posts from their favorite site.

This site was founded during the interregnum between authors by commenters who wanted to keep the flame alive.

We still do. That flame must never go out.

Thank you,  Rob. Thank you Luke.

And thank you to all the writers and contributors over the years.

The Topless Robot continues to sing. We still hear her voice.

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