Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Tyrael (Heroes of the Storm)


You know that feeling when there’s something you wanted as a toy for about twenty years, and then it finally gets made?  Well, Tyrael first appeared in Diablo II in 2000, and now he finally has toys (including the Mystery Mini).  Even Diablo had a figure back then, but Tyrael?  Fina-freakingly.



As the Archangel of Justice, Tyrael serves as essentially the only good angelic influence the players meet in both Diablo II and III  Mind you, he actually accomplishes very little good (that’s for the player to d0), but he looks cool even when failing.  In III, he spends most of his time as a human, though he resumes his angelic form in time for the expansion.  In the games, Tyrael has basically gone through two forms – his normal “Angel” shape seen here, and a human form after he voluntarily gave up his immortality.  As cool as he was as a human, making that as a toy before the angel form would likely have caused riots.  That, and he appears in Heroes of the Storm as an angel.


This toy is actually based on Heroes of the Storm, which is essentialy  massive crossover between Blizzard’s major properties (Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo), and run like League of Legends.  NECA has begun producing League of Legends figures, and series 2 includes Tyrael.  So let’s take a look!



Tyrael comes in a typical NECA clamshell, with a good color scheme, info about the character, and a good look at the figure.  I have no complaints.



Tyrael is armored head to toe and has a hood that obscures his face, so the challenge here was in representing an essentially impersonal character.  This toy certainly has the correct textures, crossing between metal and cloth and chain mail without a problem, even representing blizzard’s unique design trends – the filigree, the massive shoulders, that sort of thing.  Although his non-face could afford to be sunken a little deeper under the hood, the figure really does look like it should.


He even has the right proportions – Tyrael is hilariously bulky, which shows in this figure.  He’s also in scale with NECA’s Diablo figure, though not with Blizzard’s old Diablo released back in the early ’00s.


Okay, there’s one problem.  I only deducted one star for it, but if I just went my personal opinion, it ould be worth more:  WHERE ARE HIS WINGS?  The coolest thing about Tyrael were his glowing tendril-like wings!  And they’re missing!  The Mystery Mini had them, but not this figure!  I understand, they would likely have been expensive, and his wings occasionally vanish in Heroes of he Storm, but this feels painful, man.  Painful.  Like we only got half a Tyrael.


PAINT: ****

Tyrael is a vision in white, gold, and blue, and the figure reflects those colors.  Although his hood is not nearly sunken enough, the black paint where his face should be suffices for the effect.  Tyrael’s paint job is technically complex, but it contains a lot of big color sections rather than tiny details, and NECA has provided both where necessary.  Really, his paint is on par with Diablo’s, which is what we wanted.


NECA’s paint is really good across the board, with sharp, crisp lines, and little to no slop – but beware paint scuff on the point of his hood, as I saw a few figures exhibiting just that.



Tyrael has ball-jointed shoulders, elbows, wings, hips, knees, and head, hinged ankles, and swivel wrists and waist.


That all seems like a lot, but Tyrael’s movement is very limited.  His elbows might as well be immobile – their range of movement is beyond laughable.  His legs don’t move very far, and his shoulders are impeded by his gigantic armor.  Even his metal wings only move a little bit.  This figure is made to stand in place, and maybe move in subtle ways.



Tyrael comes with his sword, El’Druin.  The Sword of Justice, El’Druin makes a few appearances in Diablo II cinematics before playing an actual role in Diablo III – you have to fetch it for him before he can regain his memories.  Now, it’s not something that the player ever gets to use, but they do carry it for a little while.  El’Druin is a massive, ornate sword, and fits in Tyrael’s hand if you remove part of the handle first – you see, his hands are closed and inflexible, much like the Patriot.  But unlike the Patriot, his sword actully fits if you follow those instructions.


But he’s missing his wings.  Tyrael is missing his freaking wings.  AAAAAARGH!


VALUE: ***

$25 is a pretty standard amount for this kind of figure nowadays, and Tyrael is fairly solid.



Be careful not to snap any of his joints – this is a NECA figure, after all.




Toys R Us still has them in a lot of places I’ve checked.



He’s not perfect.  Tyrael’s articulation is lacking, his accessories are lacking, and he needs his wings.


That said, this figure does look rather good.  If you can forgive the missing wings, Tyrael is the figure we’ve been waiting nearly two decades for.  He’ll look good on a shelf next to your Diablo figure, and that’s really the toy’s main reason for existing.


“I am Justice!”


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