Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: The Rusty Dragon Inn (Pathfinder Miniatures)


Hello, everybody!  Here’s another review of a Pathfinder minis set… sort of.  I only have a tiny handful of the minis, but I’ve got its “Icon” piece, nd that’s worth a review in and of itself!


The Rusty Dragon Inn’s $50 item isn’t a big dragon or demon-bear, it’s the bar itself!  For your money, you get two shelves, three bar pieces, one bar corner, a table, four stools, two barrels, a tap, and several rows of tiny bottles.  The table, barrels, and stools are also sold separately in the minis expansion, thogh everything else is unique to this – including those tiny, tiny bottles!


And here it is with some Mage Knight Dungeons furniture added.  Truth be told, it feels like a little less for your $50 this time, when you look at pure plastic volume.  But when you think of RPG value, well… don’t all adventures start in a tavern?


A huge portion of the set is made up of actual bar-related characters – a bartender, serving girl, some townsfolk… and yet I ended up with none of them. So here’s a Ghoul Champion.


Continuing with the Ghoul theme, here’s a Ghoul monarch.


And a Ghoul Ranger, because Ghouls are now intelligent.


Finally, a Ghoul Cultist.  Yes, they released four.


A Flesh Golem, which is pretty Frankensteinian – and this one has a squid for a hand!


And finally Beaky, the best Owlbear mini released so far – there have been many.

Brief review yes, but… well, overall?  The set has some interesting pieces in it, both as NPCs and monsters.  And the bar is rather spectacular, even with its price tag.  It’s just up to you to decide whether or not you’re that committed to your tabletop RPG.


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