Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman the golden age #6

I know I am a little late with this but here is the last issue of the Golden Age story arc.


This story brings together all of the characters from the previous individual stories as they all attend a memorial and carnival in London to commemorate the beginning of the Golden Age.  Most of the focus seems to be on that guy who asked Miracleman to save his daughter’s life in the first story and the depressed woman who is the mother of one of the Miracle babies.

They start with a period of mourning remembering that the Golden Age began after Kid Miracleman massacred most of London.  The people travel through the ruins of old London in the shadow of the Olympus fortress.  Once that is done everyone starts to party and there are a lot of elaborate costumes and orgies and other revelry.

We see that the Andy Warhol duplicates are still making t-shirts that some of the characters are dealing.  The spy lady is there with her girlfreind but she is still paranoid about things.  And we get to see one of the spacemen briefly mentioned at the end of Alan Moore’s run. When all is said and done everyone gets to go flying with balloons and anti-gravity buttons.

In the back up material there is an outline of what Neil Gaimain’s run on Miracleman was going to be all about.  The Golden Age was going to be individual stories with an optimistic slant.  The Silver Age will be about Young Miracleman’s return to life and his reaction to what his friends have become and what they have done to the world.  The Dark Age will be about it all going bad.  I have to say the Golden Age did not seem very optimistic to me.  Most of these stories were pretty sad.  The Golden Age brought all kinds of wonders to the world but it does not seem to have actually made anyone’s life better.  I am curious to see what Young Miracleman will have to say about it all when the next story line starts.

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