Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Call Of Duty Hazmat Zombies (Mega Bloks)


Here we go again! Apparently, making not-LEGO zombie sets is a thing now, and it’s not just The Walking Dead.  Mega Bloks, who have been imitating LEGO since long before it was cool, managed to develop their own brand relatively early with dragons and their licensed materials – basically, their figures tend to be more “realistically” detailed than LEGO’s, though nowhere near McFarlane’s Walking Dead and Game of Thrones efforts.  But they’ve also got more licenses than McFarlane, though they often end up competing with K-Nex in that regard.  As a result, if it ain’t a LEGO, one of those other companies has it – whether it’s Spongebob Squarepants or… Call of Duty.



Mega Bloks’s Halo sets have been a success for years, so snagging another super-popular FPS game franchise was a no-brainer.  And CoD has zombies.  As, like, DLC or something, I dunno, I get lost while playing Doom.  So, I picked up one of the zombie sets a little while back, because if there’s one thing we need more of in life, it’s radioactive undead monsters wearing Hazmat suits.



Well, the pckaging shows off the set pretty well – as much as I enjoy the McFarlane stuff, those boxes use high-quality CGI renders, while this actually looks like a picture of the product.  It costs about $20, which isn’t exactly a favrable comparison to McFarlane – Walking Dead sets of comparable size don’t cost that much.  But then, you also get four zombies with this set, so even if the actual building is lacking, there’s something to be said for getting more than one or two figures.



When assembled, it’s pretty simple – just a section of floor and fence with a busted street lamp and a barrel.  There’s barely any room for all the zombies to stand, but it does integrate well with LEGO.



Of course, it won’t be as photorealistic as the Walking Dead sets, but it doesn’t have to be.  It does mkae quite a contrast, though – this is a pretty simple thing to build.


Likewise, the figures don’t play well together, though it should be noted that Mega Bloks figures are bigger than Lego or McFarlane.


One thing that should be said about the small size is that the box is too big – it makes you think you are getting a whole lot more than the tiny platform you will actually see.  But you’re picking this up for the zombies, right?


The gas mask zombie appears to be the headliner for this set, as he is visible in the packaging itself. His hazmat suit has failed him, though it isn’t visibly torn. if you want, you can use this figure as a survivor, but it’s also rather creepy as a zombie.


This fellow’s the only other one with a shirt, though it is rather bloodstained. The zombies have fairly creepy faces despite the small level of cartoon stylization.


Unfortunately, this zobie shares a head with the other one. You can make him look different by angling it a little bit, but considering how unique the figures are as a whole, the reuse is rather sad. Reusing bodies is fine considering the uniform, but the head? I dunno.


And this last one, although similarly shirtless, has a different head. He looks older and more Nosferatu-esque than the other zombies, which provides some needed variety. The figures as a whole are prtty good, though, even wth a repeated head. They’re worth a look, just remember that they are different from McFarlane’s offerings. It is’t an issue of better or worse, it’s a different style aesthetic… though one that really does look good!


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