Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Game of Thrones Building Sets (McFarlane Toys)


After the success of McFarlane’s Walking Dead building sets, they have increased their non-LEGO influence to Game of Thrones, which means… hey, look!  Castles and medieval stuff!  Currently, the line has individual figures, a few banners, and one ginormous and awesome Iron Throne set (a few more are on the way, but not in stores yet).  Yeah, we’re getting the preamble out of the way really fast.  This review is going to show off the throne room set as well as most of the mini figures – I couldn’t find the dragon.  I tried.  I ended up with like nine Jon Snows, but no dragon.  Graaaargh, me like dragons.



Anyway, the $30 Throne Room set – despite how it may look when assembled, it is essentially LEGO bricks, only with textures.  It’s reasonably complicated, though not that hard to put together.



When assembled, you will note that certain details, such as the window, are adjustable.  lso, the Iron Throne doesn’t perfectly fit on the tile it is meant to plug into, but you can swap that one out for a flat “marble” piece, and just set the throne down as-is.



The candelabras are surprisingly complex, but sturdy once assembled.


Here’s another look at that window.



And here’s the Iron Throne. It’s made up of four or five pieces.



It’s a pretty good-looking set with a lot of bulk, though it only come with two figures – Joffrey (dammit Joffrey!) and one royal guard.  A second guard can be found in the blind bags.

Dammit, Joffrey!


Looking at some of the blind-bagged figures, here’s Tyrion.


Daenerys Targeron. I couldn’t find her dragon.



A pair of Unsullied, including The Worm. Those poor castrati!


A really cool Dire Wolf, which makes up for NEVER FINDING THAT DRAGON.



Crow, who is nearly identical to Jon Snow. I have a ton of both, but seem to hve forgotten to phorograph Jon Snow. Don’t worry, you will see a ton of him.



A Wildman with a spear!



A Wight, because sometimes the series acknowledges the huge zombie monster threat. Usually it’s totally fine with politics, though.


Joffrey’s listening to some pretty bad council… and ya know, there’s a lot of fun to be had using this set with other figures! Wanna see?


Instead of the normal guards, here’s Naberius!


Belial fits very well on the Iron Throne – it’s practically the same dimensions as his.


The Cow King reigns.


And for some real awesomeness, all you have to do is place a light behind that window. A normal smartphone is even the right size and dimensions, too! The Archangel Uriel looks fantastic in this setting.


Change the light to red, and the arch-demon Ba’al has a throne room!


Joffrey has been overthrown! And that’s pretty much the deal with this – I can’t stop playing with this fantastic backdrop, even though I’m not the biggest GOT fan in the world.


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