Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Zombie Family


Today, we’re looking at a… um… wait, who made these toys?  Unknown.  What are they called?  Also unknown.  the ones I bought were labeled “Zombie Family” and sold in a Halloween store, but they have laso ben found as Radioactive Zombies, Mutant Zombies, Zombie Nation, and just Zombies.  These are generic little Zombie army men that, despite their obvious genericness, are actually pretty good.  Each one is fairly tall, well over the two inch mark, and has some detail to the sculpt – they actually blend in well with SLUG Zombies, if you remember those.  you can’t really track them down, but every so often they will pop up for $1 or so, bagged.  Shall we look at the set?  Yes, we shall!


Here’s the, um… well, I guess he’s a flasher. Zombie Dad, maybe? But instead of opening up a trenchcoat, he’s ripping the skin from his torso, and showing off his ribs. It’s gruesomeness like this that pretty much makes the figures the kind of things you only see around Halloween.


This one might be the mom, or just a butcher. It’s certinly got a butcher’s apron, as well as somebody’s severed head.


This guy pretty much has a direct SLUG parody – he’s pretty clearly based on Tarman from The Return of the Living Dead, which is indeed a nice little touch.


This armless fellow has it rough, but at least he’s still got the jaws to bite! Sometimes, zombies are naturally in a gruesomly damaged state, but they still make do somehow.


Meanwhile, this zombie is gnawing on what must be human flesh – nice gollum-esque pose, though that head is too elongated to be human.


Well, it’s… a zombie family, all right. The boy is a pretty bold move – usually yourzombie children are teddy bear-wielding little girls (for shock value), but this? You’e got a variety of children now, not just the one. Yeah, this family’s toast.


And here’s the girl. No bear, but she’s eating a piece of somebody, all right!


And finally, we have the family dog, Stumpy. Stumpy hasn’t really changed much, but he had never used his brains in life, so it’s all right.

Well… there you go. They’re cheap and generic, but surprisingly detailed for what is basically a bag of dollar store figures. if you can find ’em, go for it!


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