Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Wolves Not Far (The Walking Dead – McFarlane)


Okay, so I kinda love The Walking Dead building sets more than I do the series.  Though I haven’t picked up the more expensive sets, so… sue me, I guess?


No. No, don’t sue me.  Please.  ANYWAY…. another of the small, relatively cheap ($10-$15) sets floating around is Wolves Not Far – a chunk of road and a wall with some iiiiinteresting graffiti.  The Wolves are an insane, cannibalistic post-apocalyptic gang who exist to remind you that it’s not the zombies who are the villains in this series, it’s everybody else.  And even though the Wolves literally slaughter every man, woman, and child that they see, the show is trying to make it look like a sin to kill one in self-defense.  Hilariously, the show then turns around and praises Rick for killing innocent people to bolster his own authority, which makes me wonder just what kinds of fights go on in the writer’s room.


Anyway, the set is fairly bare-bones – a chunk of roadside and some ground, piles of junk, tufts of grass, some signs, two figures, and the wall.  The junk is partly new, partly repurposed from the Hospital Doors set, though it fits in well here.  And of course, the grass comes from Daryl’s Bike.  The brick wall pieces are actually reused from the Governor’s Mansion, though theya re painted very differently, so it’s not immediately obvious.


With that in mind, it’s surprising that the stop sign is a new piece, and not reused from Daryl’s set! Though granted, it is on an angle, much like the telephone pole from that Call of Duty set. It leans out, though, away from the flooring.


Putting the wall together is a very particular process, because of that graffiti. It looks good when done right, although it doesn’t seem like it fits together well witht he cap on top – those visible seams are disappointment.


The street sign honestly should have been fewer pieces. It is surprisingly difficult to keep all the segments straight, and their injection points do not look right It’s a nice touch, though, and its presence adds a little omre to an admittedly small set.


The grass, reused from Daryl’s set, is not sufficient to cover the ground – sure, they left a gap open for that iling cabinet, but even then it’s pretty sparse. Also, that cabinet is meant to hang off the edge of the set itself. The floor space is really very limited.


Speaking of the cabinet, it’s a cool little accessory – and you can put it anywhere else where it might fit, too!


The Michonne figure is a bloodier repaint of one currently available in single packs. That’s a pretty major disappointment, seeing as how these sets always provide one or two exclusives… usually. But so much in this set is reused that it seems more like budget-saving filler than anything else.


The set also comes with a dispatched zombie corpse. This isn’t the first one we’ve had, as a torn-in-half torso came in one of the blind bags (with a kid, actually), the Boiler Room had a slumped, engorged zombie, the Prison Catwalk had a dead one, and you can even make an argument for the Barricades. But this one isn’t exactly a figure so much as a piece of terrain. barely painted, a single piece, frozen in one pose, and entirely flat on the bottom, it cant be anything but along-rotten corpse. It has terrain use like that, but this is a step below what usually comes with these sets.


And no, it’s not worth trying to stand it.


So, that’s really the deal. This set reuses a ton of parts, has awkward floor space (empty gaps in the middle, but cuts off too soon on the edges), and semes a little lackluster. It’s not terrible, but it needs bolstering – you are going to want to connect it to other sets, like copies of Daryl’s Bikem or really anything else that might work. And certainly add more zombies!


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