Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Supernatural Mystery Minis (Funko)


Yes, yes, I know, this review is a little bit late. These figures have been on shelves for months, and they’re just now beginning to disappear – well, that’s because this review was in my backlog, and I forgot to, um… get around to it. My bad! ahaha?

Anyway, Supernatural is a long-running supernatural detective-genre TV series, it’s really quite good, and it’s been around since I graduated college. Funko has produced Mystery minis based on the show, which you can find anywhere from Toys R Us to Gamestop – well, maybe, as they’re starting to disappear now, because O’m slow. So here are a ew of the many figures in this line.


Sam, Dean, and Crowley – since Mark Shepard is now a regular cast member, it seems that Crowley’s days are not (yet) numbered. Now that I’ve said that, watch him die this season. As for Sam and Dean, they do have variants – this is the blood-splatered Sam variant, for example.


As for Dean, he’s got a Mark of Cain variant. Both versions have the Mark, but those black eyes are rather rarer.


Speaking of rare, Abaddon has two variants – a normal white-eyed versions, and this one – she has black eyes, and no glue on the neck peg. Meaning…


…Yes, you can behead her! And that’s how Funko rolls.


Also rather rare is my personal favorite of the group, Crowley’s Hellhound. It’s different from almost any other dog-like Mystery Miis out there, and looks pretty striking on a shelf.


Mine came with a warped leg, but some hot water and persistence seems to have fixed the error.


Just at random, we also have Lilith in child form and Kevin Tran – a few of the figures are like that (Charlie is awesome, and you can find her in LARP gear, for example).


Speaking of generic, Bobby is the best character ever, but people who don’t know the serie would have no clue why you weep inconsolably over this. I MISS BOBBY!


Anyway… yes. We’ve also got a few monster figures, such as the Leviathan – this is probably Dick Roman himself, but it looks quite fantastic.


And the Vanir Scarecrow, which only appeared once in Season 1 but keeps getting cameo references, has a surprisingly nifty figure.


That said, the best one? Saved for last? Well, yes. Castiel here is pretty much better than any photorealistic figure would be. it’s just so… Castiel. And that’s pretty much the line – yeah, a lot of the figures are humn, but a good portion also look great even if you don’t know the show. A nd come on, Castiel.


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