Life In Plastic: Sci-Fi Mystery Minis, Vol. 1 and 2 (Funko)


Lets just catch up on Mystery Minis, shall we?  Funko is currently on their second series of Science Fiction minis, and although I don’t have anything near a full set (missing are characters like the Iron Gaint, Voltron, leeloo, the Mars Attacks Martian, and so on), we can at least show off a few, right?


The Alien is one of the best mystery minis they’ve made, and a perfect army builder. it’s also not uncommon, thankfully.


And it goes wonderfully well with the Alien Queen released in Series 2 – also not rare, and fairly easy to find because of its weight.


This kind of continuity is nice to have in the line, and isn’t just limited to the aliens, trust me.


And of course there’s a Predator. He’s hilarious in chibi mode!


Speaking of continuity, Kirk and Spock are in Series 1 and 2, and clearly designed to replay their infamous duel during Spock’s Pon Farr (hormones make you crazy).


Bender looks odd without pupils, but he’s still got personality!


Add your own beer. There’s a retailer-exclusive Zoidberg that I need to pick up, too.


Robby the Robot actually has a removable glass dome!


And… robots!


But don’t forget the Cylon!


Godzilla is the heaviest figure of Series 2 by a pretty huge margin, even more so than the Queen.


And ET is always creepy.


We’ve also got some humans, like Neo, or (not pictured) part of the Firefly cast.


The Rocketeer almost served as a preview for the ReAction and Legacy figures he would soon receive.


And of course, Judge Dredd is THE LAW.


Tron has variants – this one glows in the dark!


And Robocop is an old favorite.


And of course, there’s always the Metaluna Mutant, which looks pretty good. And yes, this was a random catchup article, but I can’t wait for Sci-Fi Series 3. One must wonder what they’ll build on next, though Funko’s track record has been really good so far, indeed.


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