Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Ice Clan Dragon (McFarlane Toys)


Ah, dragons, is there anything they can’t make better?  We could go on for years about what dragons represent in fiction, or the way modern ones have taken on feline characteristics in addition to basically being dinosaurs, or even how the four-legs-and-two-wings bone structure makes them six-legged.  They’re dragons.  You know dragons.


Dragon statues can be found in many a curio shop across the globe, and considering that McFarlane Toys has essentially made fancy statues for years, this seemed like a natural progression.  The line lasted for a bunch of wves and several years, and is something that not only commands (wrongfully) high prices, they’re looked upon really fondly.  I used to have a ton, most of which are owned by a friend now – but I’ve kept all those terrain pieces, which show up in tons of my photos.  And this dragon is no different – any time I take a picture of a toy and need snow, I use its base!


McFarlane Dragons were arranged by clans, suh as Fire, Water, Ice, Sorcerer, and Komodo(!).  The Ice Clan came later int he game, with this figure – the first one – showing up in the sixth series of figures.  This figure cost about $20 when I got it in 2006, so it should be easy to find it at… *checks ebay*… wait, what?  Oooookayyyyy, this figure is now suddenly worth $60-$120.  Blarghle.  Grrrrrsk.  I like it when people can AFFORD toys.  Eh, be patient, you’ll find a few.  Wow.  Ahem.  Anyway.  The figure comes with a display base.  Wow.


The dragon is pretty big – he’s only about four-fiveish inches tall, but he more than makes up for it in length, which is true for many of these figures. The dragon’s got heft, too – and although these come in various levels of durability and fragility, the Ice Dragon is one of the most sturdy. He’s been bouncing around in boxes of mine for a while without any real damage (but now that I know the value, he’ll be better-kept). This isn’t like the later Aqua Clan Dragons, who just sort of disintegrate.


His tail is bendable rubber. It’s not the most flexible in the world (it’s always going to be essentially the same shape and trajectory), but it is pretty durable. This one has not begun to rot or develop stress marks in the years it’s been loose, after all.


The dragon comes with a display base, a nice chunk of snow (albeit with some unsightly black pegs), that’s big enough for all four of its feet – and, in fact, good as a generic snow base a slong as you can ignore the pegs and tiny human.


Speaking of that human, it’s extremely small – and usually has two arms. This is a teensy little wizard. Some of the Dragons came with humans, and this little guy can be easy to miss at times, but it’s there. Unremovable, too.


The peg holes on the dragon’s feet aren’t too obvious. its limited articuation – a couple of points in the neck, and two limbs – helps anchor it on the base, too. But aside from its head, you won’t see many different poses for this figure. Its head has a gorgeous crest, and its eyes even look intelligent. Much of the credit can go to its fantastic paint job, in off-white and shades of blue, which manages to look both “real” and utterly fantastical. McFarlane tends to nail it on their paint, though, so this is no surprise.


Its texturing is rather complex across the whole body, with leathery, scalry, and even some furry textures – this dragon has some insulating hair around its ankles and feet, which just confuses what kind of animal it is even more.

Well, there you go! One of the many dragons in this beautiful line – perhaps not the most accessible but certainly sturdy, and a great display piece. Someday, perhaps, we shall see some of the others in this line. Stay tuned!



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