Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Water Clan Dragon 4 (McFarlane Toys)


The dragons of McFarlane Toys’s lost kingdom come from many clans. The Water Dragons sometimes breath the very definition of the species, resembling sea serpents or fish more than reptiles. However, the fourth member of their clan in the series is very much a dragon, even with his spiny fangs and crab claws.

Hey wait, where’s the picture? There was supposed to be another picture here.

Oh, that’s right. Water Clan Dragon 4 broke right out of the packaging. one of his arms just sheared right off. And then his tail snapped shortly thereafter. This picture? Taken with trickery. You see, I want to addrss something now, pertinent in the realm of “Adult collectible” toys.

Yes, fragility is sometimes necessary, as stiffer plastic produces better details. Yes, sometimes breakages do happen. However, when your toy has an epidemic of exploding – such as this dragon, Funko’s Legacy figures, the animated Batman toys, or certain Masters of the Universe Classics, it’s terrible. We spend what we spend on toys, and it isn’t getting our oney’s worth if we can’t even put them on the shelf wihtout breakage. I’ve reviewed plenty of fragile toys – NECA’s Iron Patriot, Diamond Select’s MiniMates, and the fact is, it just isn’t fun. Please, developers, playtest your toys. Use sturdier material. It isn’t “part of the experience” to have to repair our stuff from the get-go. I understand fully that it often can’t be helped, and user error is also often to blame. But sometimes, it’s clearly a design issue, especially when other, sturdier figures in the same style are on the market. So please, fight fragility! Don’t break our toys!

Well, at least the poor Water Dragon’s base will see plenty of use…


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