Life In Plastic: McFarlane Dragons


Hey, I TOLD you it was Dragon Week!  Because dragons are cool.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about McFarlane’s Dragons. So, you know the deal – they’re big, creative, sometimes really fragile, and they usually come with big hunks of terrain that feature in nearly all of my photos. Today, we’ve got four specimens to look at! Two Berserker Clan Dragons, one Warrior Clan, and one Sorcerer Clan Dragon. These guys are from a little later in the series – series 4 through 7 – and you can find them on eBay for really, really variable prices.


I think this one was from series four or five, but don’t quote me on that. This guy’s a big, two-headed beast, and – hey, why is that a theme? Because every real-life two-headed creature is victim of a horrible genetic deformity, but dragons seems to do just fine.


Here’s one head – they definitely have the “Berserk” look down pat, with his enraged expression etched into every inch of that face.


And the same with the other head – aside from his pebbly, scaly skin, this dragon’s horns and spikes also contribute to that chaotic rage look.


Unfortunately, mine lacks his base, but it was a few rocks underneath one foot. It’s pretty easy to replicate, though the dragon now has a massive foot peg.


His extralimbs are even chaotic – it can be hard at times to tell what’s going on with this dragon, but hes one of the more convincingly vicious specimens in this line.


I can’t compliment those mouths enough. Great energy, and good paint!

Yeah, when you see this sight, you’re in trouble.


From Series 6, I believe, this Berserker Dragon is far more traditional – two arms, two legs, green scales, and all. He’s in an actiony pose, suspended by a metal post that plugs into his base. You can see here that not all the dragons in this line are “weird,” they do indeed vary.


And a nice thing about his design is that this dragon is just a little more articulated than som eothers, with poses you can actually put his head and arms in, without looking terrible!


The detailing on his scales is really something special, too – McFarlane’s sculptors are, and have always been, a fantastic bunch of artists.


His base is also one of the ones that will show up in plenty of photos. Look at the detail – you just don’t see anything like this much anymore.


Most dragon wings in this line are tattooed, which is the same for this guy. Now, his wings are big an thick, but be careful not to break them at their fragile connecting joints.


In the end, it’s his simplicty of design mixed witht he complexity of sculpt that sell this dragon – sure, it’s a normal green dragon, but he’s so detailed that this might as well be an expensive statue, not a toy.


This Warrior Dragon is another big, vicious piece – and those rocks he’s standing on have been some of my most-used for years! But besides that point, he’s armored, on two feet, and even accompanied by a human. A few figures have people with them, in various roles – these guys seem to be friends.


Originally, the figure had a set of chain reins from the human sadle to his hotns, but mine fell off (though you can see one still dangling).


The Warrior Dragon is covered in armor – barding, really – designed to make approaching him a very difficult proposition. He’s clearly meant to fight ther dragons, considering that his size would make those massive spikes less effective.


His pose seems to suggest serpentine aspects – or at least, he’s coiled back like a snake about to strike.


His main method of attack, aside from his probable breath weapon, are his wristblades. They’re a nice design, and fit right in with his armor.


And just as with the Berserker, this dragon has an extremely animated facial expression, with screaming rage sculpted into every inch. Nicely done!


Now, many of the Sorcerer Dragons are big and grand, with sweeping wings and such – and I love those, but this one is a little smaller. But again, it’s his sleek, almost minimalist design that sells it.


Look at that face. Look at the personality in that face – this one isn’t a savage beast, he’s rather clever and contemplative. But just what is he contemplating, you ask?


Why, Marilyn Monroe, of course! Now granted, maybe she isn’t a sacrificial victim – maybe she’s his wife or something, and they’re just roleplaying, and I will stop discussing this topic right now.


And from this view, we can see his wings beneath his arms – gently folded up, but they may not be able to get all that much lift. His entire design is a little like some tropical lizards or even amphibians. I wonder, is he poisonous? Or semi-aquatic? Could be a bunch of things!


And you can’t fault him for that base, with its sandy texture and little orbs – it’s a nice piece, which raises questions about the crystal balls that most SOrcerer Dragons hold.


So, there you go. Although some of the dragons in this line are fragile enough to explode on sight, the line as a whole is frankly filled with works of art – and even the taditional ones are more than creative enough!


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