Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Tusk (X-Men)


Don’t tell me that you love me!  Tusk!

This is Tusk.  He is a character from the X-Men, introduced and primarily used in the late ’80s-’90s.  Although technically an Inhuman, half of the time they forget who he is and write him as a mutant.  He was a mutant in the cartoon, for example.  Anyway, Tusk was briefly popular in the ’90s, enough that he got a video game appearance, a toy, and the aforementioned cartoon role.  Mind you, ToyBiz made figures of a ton of obscure X-characters back in the way, but Tusk has a little more recognizability than, say, Breakdown.



Well, he’s got tusks on his shoulders, as well as that odd, knobbly skin texture.  What is that?  Scabs?  Let’s not think too hard about it.  Classic ToyBiz figures had action features, and Tusk’s is no different.  In fact, it even demonstrates his mutant power!  What is his mutant power, you ask?  Does it have to do with the tusks?  Well…

…Yeah. It’s like that. Tusk’s mutant power is to produce random midget hunchbabies, which then do his bidding. The heroes usually just punch them to death without remorse, but this raises so many questions. What are they? How long do they live? Do they have free will? Whya re they wearing clothes when he spawns them from his back?


But seriously, this is the guy you bring up when you want anti-mutant sentiment. It’s an odd mixture of gross and ethically ambiguous… but hey, that’s a fun mini figure.


It uses a fairly complex mechanism, too, involving a sliding panel on Tusk’s back and a little elavtor inside of his hollow body. And although it’s obvious from the back, it’s not so much of an issue from the front.


There are no springs or anything like that, though all the pieces fit together pretty snugly just by friction.


The minion also fits in pretty well when the elevator is up, too. But man, Surinam Toads are creepy.


I mean, sure, it’s totally random, but it… well, there you go. It’s ust so random. W hat does minion-spawning have to do with his shoulder tusks or weird back scales? Nobody knows!


Apparently, in the comics, it was revealed that Tusk is really this sall worm=creature who uses the big body as a shell. Betcha that’s gonna get retconned away or forgotten soon!


So, Tusk doesn’t have anything to do with Fleetwood Mac. But he’s certainly one of the X-Men’s weirder offerings, and his toy has the kind of action feature that a true sociopath would love! I’ve got affection for the sheer weirdness of this piece, as strange as it is, and it’s honestly worth checking out.


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