Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Breakdown & Dominic (X-Men 2099)


Okay, it’s time to be honest. Nobody is buying this for Breakdown. I’m sorry, Breakdown, but no one cares.


You see, there’s a long-standing tradition in toys: Whenever a figure is packed with a companion henchman, that companion is always the better toy (see also: Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Waterworld). And here we have Breakdown, packed with Dominic – Dom’s name is misspelledon the package, hilariously. Because nobody cares about these guys! It’s purely whether or not the toy is good! And let me tell you, Dominic is an awesome toy. Oh wait, this was about Breakdown?


As you might have noticed, Breakdown is from X-Men 2099, and thus he only interact with that future timeline, not the main comic we know and love. He’s one of the leaders of The Freakshow, a group of mutants who fight against the oppressive anti-mutant government of 2099, though it seems that he’s a bad guy about half of the time. His mutant power is to be really veiny, and also to make machinery break down by touching it.


His special action feature is a peel-away part of his costume, showing “Battle Damage” (his chest)! Wow, he is veiny.


Look at that lopsided sneer and tell me he’s anything but a villain.


In fact, let’s take this one step further. Look at that creepy grin, those grabby hands, and his tear-away clothing… Breakdown is a pervert. Calling it.


Anyway, this review is really about Dominic, a mutant child who… this isn’t looking good for Breakdown’s reputation. Wow. Ahem.


Anyway, Dominic is actually a kid, though you can only tell by his height. He’s essentially a mythical salamander – scaly skin, fire-based powers, though that fire effect came from a completely different toy.


Anyway, Dom is about two or so inches tall, and made of rubber rather than plastic. To look at him, he could be anything! An alien, a mutant, a demon, a Deadpool homunculus… anything!


Basically, this little companion figure is preferable to the main guy – he just fits so well in pretty uch any setting, with any other toys, that he’s a great illustration of the companion figure rule. You don’t buy Breakdown for Breakdown, you buy Breakdown for Dominic, even though the two are more obscure than… I’d name somebody, but that would make them less obscure. Hah!


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