Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Bootleg Godzilla



Ah, bootlegs!  Whenever there is a toy, somebody will knock it off.  Whether it’s hilarious things like Robertcop, Sense of Right Alliance, or Politic Pat, toy collectors have thoroughly enjoyed the strange knock-offs that populate discount stores!  Well, today’s are honestly kind of slick.



Japan has lots of awesome mini-figures.  Always has, always will.  And the High-Grade Godilla figures have been around for years.  One particular assortment happened to include Burning Godzilla, Godzilla’s fiery orange couterpart from Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah, as well as a few other figures – classic Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Gigan, and even the American Zilla from the 1998 movie!  So, they got ripped off.



For the most part, these figures aren’t that bad.  The sculpts are almost identical, the paint is only dodgy around the eyes, and a full set tends to go for about $3 on eBay, as oppose to $15+ each for the real ones.  But you might notice that something seems a little off.  Something seems… different.  Here’s a hint:  Godzilla is now a rainbow.



Burning Godzilla is just what you’d expect.  His body is having a nuclear meltdown, and he’s about to die.  But he sure looks pretty!  Fun fact:  Because of the lights, the suit was so hot that the actor inside kept passing out.  Thankfully, the electric shocks whenever something shorted out helped keep him awake.  Poor guy.



This appears to be Freezing Godzilla, or maybe Cold Fusion Godzilla, or maybe he’s just a blueberry.  Yes, that’s it! Godzilla ate some of Willy Wonka’s three-course meal gum, and he’s in trouble!



Godzilla has a new policy of transparency.  He’s very clear about this.  And, uh… something something another pun.



In the brochure (read: eBay auction), this was supposed to be translucent red.  Instead, they seem to have glued red dorsal fins to a clear body, making him Indecisive Godzilla!  He’s just kind of half-hearted about it all, isn’t he?



Meanwhile, Ordinary Godzilla seems to have dumped flour all over himself.  Unless it’s drugs.  It might be drugs.



You’ve really got to lay off the caffeine, Godzilla.  I think it’s affecting you.  Funny thing is, aside from the eye paint, this does match an actual capsule figure – apparently, the Godzilla you see in the two Black & White movies are supposed to be green.  And bug-eyed.



Mechagodzilla kind of breaks the trend a bit, and really isn’t any different from the actual figure.



Gigan is also more-of-less identical to the real thing, only he’s glued together, so you are less likely to lose the small parts that make up his head.



Anguirus is another one who’s pretty close to the original figure, even down to the eye paint. It’s always funny how obvious it is how that’s a guy on all fours. nore the hind legs and his knees.



Look, its Zilla!  The capsule figure is pretty sloppily-painted and has trouble staying together, so this figure is actually a very good alternative.  And look, for all the problems that movie had, it did create a cool kaiju.  So, enjoy some good old-fashioned Broderick.



Overall, these figures are actually pretty nifty.  Although I’d recommend the originals most of the time, the rainbow meltdown Godzillas are a hilarious little thing that you just won’t get from official channels.  it isn’t the silliest bootleg set out there… but come on. Blueberry Godzilla.



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