Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: General Sundar (Masters of the Universe Classics)


Well, we’re really nearing the end now. Super7 has committed to continuing He-Man, and they are woring with the Horsemen, but anything after this year is up in the air. To celebrate how far we’ve come, we’ve got another obscure character from the She-Ra cartoon: General Sundar!


The figure lacks a bio, but General Sundar (originally spelled Sunder, but probably harder to trademark) appeared twice in the She-Ra cartoon. He was one of the Evil Horde’sgenerals, though at heart a good man. Ever notice how many Horde soldiers think they’re the heroes? This isn’t a situation where theres any ambiguity. They’re the evil horde. Ahem. Anyway, he opposes Hordaks high taxes, turns good, helps the heroes, and eventually gets married and retires to become a farmer. In most fiction, he would die tragically. Thankfully, Sundar lives on to become a family man. And not die.


Anyway, he was memorable enough to get people asking for a figure. And so, one has finally come, super late in the line’s life. Let’s take a look!



Now that it’s almost done, you might be tempted to fee nostalgia for the packaging. Look, you’ve got hundreds of examples of it already. It’s fine. Thlack of a bio hurts, though.


SCULPT: ****

You can tell General Sundar is a hero because of his bland face and big chin. Really. The more boring a haracter looks, the more heroic he is! You’ll never see any ugly defectors from the Horde, that’s for sure! Okay, snark aside, Sundar looks great. He’s pretty simple, sure, but he’s also entirely accurate to his appearance on the cartoon. The figure has kind of a techno-Roman look, which fits in nicely in the line.


If you take off Sundar’s armor, you’ll find that he uses the Horde Trooper body – and, since that body is mechanical, his flesh-tones neck looks rather awkward. Maybe he got infected with the techno-virus?


PAINT: ****

General Sundar’s paint is pretty minimalistic, as the figure is cast almost entirely in gray plastic. He does have some color, though, whether on his armor or face.


It should be noted that his gloves are brown, and not the same as his flesh tone – it’s easy to make the mistake, but they are a separate and distinct color.



Sundar has typical MOTUC articulation, and isn’t really impeded by his armor.


Honestly, the lack of problems with Sundar, despite his bulky armor, is kind of refresing. Of course, the hilarity is that he probably won’t take very many poses in the average display.



Sundar has a surprising amount of accessories, though some of them are theoretically ade for other figures. He’s packaged holding a scepter of sorts – it looks kind of like a Horde-themed mancatcher, probably not intended to be a weapon. Sure, it’d bash somebody’s head in good, but so can a stick.


He’s also got guns, guns, guns! Sundar’s pistols fit into his holsters as easily as his hands, and give you a little variety when posing him. Also, they are actually weapons.


Sundar also comes with alternate heads… sort of. They are really designed to go with the Horde Troopers (seen in a two-pack, and theoretically coming single-carded soon), to give them some cartoon-based variants. But they do fit on his body – except for the last one. This head is a smooth dome with massive eyeholes, dehumanizing the trooper while making him seem almost “cute” in an alien way.


This head is pretty monstrous. It should be noted that Sundar’s hands are gloves, and thus it doesn’t clash with his flesh tone. It’s pretty cool in a generic space-orc way.


The last one is way too Vaderish. Darth Daver, maybe? It does look good, though it’s the only head that does not quite fit on his body, unless you take off his outer armor.


VALUE: ***

Thankfully, the figures now cost more-or-less $30 even, which is appropriate for something of this scae and quality. Sundar isn’t spectacular or fancy, but he’s solid.



Nothing seems fragile about him.




Mattel will definitely liquidate all stock by the end of the year, so just wait for it.



He may be plain, he may be obscure, but General Sundar is a pretty solid figure. He has no problems, he looks like he did in the cartoon, and he’s got some great accessories with synergy with other figures. If the Horde Trooper ever gets rereleased single-carded, then Sundar’s extra heads will be even better! Is this the kind of toy we want to cap off the line with? Well, the iconic characters are taken, and Sundar has been requested by a lot of fans. So ultimately, it’s good.


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