Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Night Stalker (Masters of the Universe Classics)



I must apologize. This figure took me by surprise – it’s so huge that none of my sets adequately hold it in, so rather than the usual twenty images, I just ended up taking close-up pictures of its bodyt o try to give an idea.


Night Stalker is HUGE. It is, essentially, Skeletor’s horse… except Skeletor won’t settle for just any horse, oh no, he had to go get a robot made. This is the evil version of Stridor, a figure actually not made in MOTUC yet. But see how tiny Skeletor looks up there? Yeah. I thought it would be smaller. Ahahahaha.


Ginormousness aside, Night Stalker just looks cool. His neck is segmented because it’s heavily articulated, allowing him to look around realistically. Note the impressive chanfron, too.


Without his chanfron, he actually looks like a nice horse – maybe it’s a cyborg, not a robot?


That’s a pretty nice piece of gear right there, and more than big enough to act as a shield for another figure, too. That’s a chanfron, by the way. Now you know!


Figures do not sit on Nightstalker. Nightstalkerdoes not have a saddle. They stand, as if their horse is a chariot.


Note the guns. Nightstalker has lots of guns to go with all that articulation.


And there is a butt gun, too. Notably, his legs are very well-articulated, and can even bend in ways horses can’t (Mattel’s stock photo shows this, hilariously).


So, yes, this figure’s size was a surprise. But so was the quality – it’s a good toy all around, and its price tag is the same as other “big” figures, such as Swift Wind, which is much smaller. It surprised me positively and is a really nice touch for mOTUC’s last year. Again, sorry for the sparsity of photos, but this should be comprehensive enough to show the GINORMOUS figure off.


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