Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Albino Alien (NECA Toys)


What, you thought the bone-colored Prototype Xenomorph was the only concept figure in this line? HAH! This here is a prorotype from the second movie, which makes me wonder if we’re ever going to get one from Alien 3 (which has a well-documented prototype design). It’s pale, just like the previous one, but an entirely different beast.


This special edition concept figure is inspired by James Cameron’s original screenplay for the 1986 movie.  Cameron’s script describes the drone as an albino version of the xenomorph that has an excreting probe instead of the usual second inner mouth.  It uses this probe to create the cocoons that immobilize hosts while their chestbursters gestate.



That’s the official text, which makes me want to look up the original screenplay. WHo knows if you would have actually seen these aliens at work, but it does make me wonder about the “Seems like secreted resin” line. What was planned?



Same as normal NECA packaging, only with the addition of that nice blurb on the back, describing the figure.


SCULPT: ****

Unlike the previous prototype figure, this one is based on the design from Aliens. For the most part, it’s an identical repaint – same bone structure, same ridged dome, same hands, and all that.


This alien alone lacks an inner mouth, instead using the jaw to house its removable proboscis. So, let’s discuss the tongue. It’s… it’s kind of amazing, combining facets of both male and female genitalia, while not being over-the-top. It looks like something that could conceivably exit in a non-sexual function in the real world, which keeps the freudian undertones where they need to be, and not too blatant. But still, wow, once you see it, you can’t unsee it.


Thanks to the addition of that tongue, the Albino Alien has almost a serpentine or wormlike look to it. This really helps sell the creature as somehow fleshier than other versions, giving it a distinct look in the line.


PAINT: ****

Yes, it’s another white alien. But just as the last one was really a bone shade, this figure has a surprisingly complex paint job. What sets it apart is the use of pink highlighting its extremities and between the cracks, making it look far fleshier than any other Xenomorph. You could believe this one to have a soft texture, which makes its sculpt stand out in the crowd.


This figure contrasts interestingly with the Albino Predator, who was mostly orange in acknowledgement of reptilian pigmenttion. So, does this mean that Aliens have melanin? Maybe.


It is also decidedly different than the Prototype Xeno, being shaded in such a way as to seem like albino flesh, not bone. The difference is hugely pronounced in person, but they are entirely different beasts.



The Albino has typical Xenomorph articulation, which, as has been stated multiple times, is quite good. Notably, none of the joints were stuck, crooked, bent, or broken – after two figures with difficulties, this one had flawless quality control!



The Albino Alien only comes with one accessory, which is a part of its body: the tongue. Its proboscis is… um, kind of blatantly phallic, but nowhere near the amazingness of, say, the Proetheus Trilobite. Still, it’s pretty obvious what human appendage it most resembles.


The tongue is bendy (as it should be), and, like NECA’s usual bendy offerings, pretty good for what it is. It can develop kinks or snap, though, so handle it with a measure of care. But it is flexible and sturdy, which is a plus.


VALUE: ****

At about $30, you get one of the best-looking, most artistic Alien figures out there with bonuses fo rboth loose and MOC collectors. Nice deal!



The bendy tongue is the only real danger zone, but even then only if you mishandle it.


Just to reiterate, this figure has flawless quality control! hopefully, that will be the case for everybody.



Toys R Us still has them in a lot of places I’ve checked.




Fantastic figure, fantastic concept, fantastic execution. It’s wonderfully slimy and fleshy, and just looks vicious. I don’t think the original idea was evereven skethed, so this is a wonderful treat that ordinarily would never be seen. Props to NECA!


And there is nothing creepy about the prehensile penis sticking out from its mouth.


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