Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Gorewads 2015 (Ironhaus Productions)


Hello, everybody! It’s ben a season of custom figures, and apparently of gore. This isn’t the first time I’ve discussed Ironhaus Productions’s bloody mini figures, and it won’t be the last – but he’s got a new set of Gorewads! Now, there is one little caveat here – because Jimmy Rommel, who runs th whole production, is moving, he made these figures in a limited run, and they sold out immediately. But they will come back, there will be more, it’s just a matter of when. So look and salivate, and wait! Hahaha! Anyway, as Gorewads, these guys are tiny. Remember the small, half-sized MUSCLEs? That size. And I think one of them is from Fortress of Inhumanity, which is also tiny.


First up is Mr. Yama. Yama, the Hindu god of the dead, is also Buddhist, Shinto, Taoist, and… well, he spread over Asia. This particular rendition of him, with ox horns, is more HIndu in origin, and… dang, he’s nice. Keep in mind, this was sculpted by hand, at a super-tiny scale. Seriously good work. Gotta love his tiny little cleaver, too.


Hell Turtle is one of Ironhaus’s mainstays, having appeared in large and small scale since 2012. This is the first tiny one since the beginning, though – and he’s even holding a severed heart!


The back of his shell is, as always, a face. Just look at that detail! This particular face looks less intimidating than most, though it’s got a great, confused expression.


Here he is next to the 2012 version.


And here’s a shell comparison.


Now, Bird Sorcerer, I like… but he’s got a problem. TRANSLUCENT PLASTIC. It looks great in-hand, but this is nearly impossible to photograph. You’ll have to take my word for it, but this guy is a great little tengu, with some fantastic detail. Just like Yama, he’s pretty much tied to mythology. Trust me on that.


Similarly, Right-Arm Cat (who is from Fortress of Inhumanity) looks nice and fierce and evil, but the sculpt did not lend itself well to photographs. Just trust me, okay?


Glob is the messiest sculpt, which is not a bad thing – he is meant to be a glob, after all. This figure would really rock with a swirled, gradient color scheme, wouldn’t it?


And if you squint, you an kind of see another face on his back!


Speaking of messy, Mystery Meat looks like he’s been through some stuff. Seriously, this poor guy. But he’s a trooper, and he’ll keep sloshing along, won’t he? This is another one whrre the scupt’s inherent messiness is absolutely a benefit to him.


This is Harambe’s Revenge. Topical, no? A little late? Timely? Honestly, it doesn’t matte if you find one of 2016’s many “outrages” dated or not (fewer people were angry about it than the lion, because of the toddler in danger), because it’s still a rather amusing homicidal ape. You can’t see it from this angle, but he is wearing a human’s severed head. It’s hard to photograph from any single anegle, easy to see in purpose. He looks a lot like various depictions of Hanuman, too which just ties back into these other figures.


And now we’ve got Space Pirate Oller. Brutish and scarred, he’s one of the cleanest humanoid sculpts I have ever seen at this tiny scale. I don’t know what Oller’s backstory is, but he is very well-done.


So, what can I say? Awesome. This one-man show is consistently as good as a multi-artist project, seriously. It’s been amazing watching these sculpts get better and better every year, and these current offerings are seriously amazing. I can’t wait to see what’s next?


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