Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Oh No, Aliens!



So hey, how about that election, huh?  We’re talking about toys instead.

Vending machines are crazy.  Sometimes the figures inside are super high quality, other times they are sticky hands.  I may have sat on this review for too long, as these guys maaaaaay not still be in vending machines, but you can find ’em on eBay for well under a buck each, so it’s cool.

Oh No, Aliens! is a line of… well, aliens.  Each figure comes in any of the colors available, and… okay, what you see is what you get.  But seriously, of the stuff I’ve seen in vending machines, these guys are worth fifty cents (or more) way more than most.  Extraordinarily detailed, filled with personality, and… let’s take a loook!



Let’s look at Krator first. My favorite, and maybe yours, Krator is pretty much a Beholder – as in, the one from Big Trouble in Little China. He’s an eyeball monster! He actually has feet, though they are tiny.


Co-Ya is a fairly ordinary alien, if you ignore his one eye. Cool cyclops, though! He is certainly smiley, but considering how many of these aliens have only one eye, I’d say he’s in great company!


Like Felton, whose head is a little more skull-like, giving him an odly nervous appearance! “Has one eye isn’t really a limiter, the various cyclopes do look different.


There’s always room for Jello! He doesn’t seem very gelatinous – perhaps nervously guilty of something, but certainly not gelatinous!


Pac-Pac, on the other hand, does look like he’s kind of blobby! Again, note the variation in these one-eyed guys.


And Burt wears a hat. Just remember that.


Petho is trying to make up for his lack of eyes by having three! Sorry, dude, Krator’s got you beat there.


Jabber is like a bat, only he’s melting! Meeeeeeelting! Or just slimey.


And finally, Squeezer looks like he knows all your secrets.

All. Alllllllll your seeeeeeecrets…

Okay, these figures are awesome.


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