Life in Plastic: TOY REVIEW: McFarlane Five Nights at Freddy’s Part II (The Security Office, Cam 008 Hallway, Arcade Cabinet)



Hello, again!  In continuing the theme of how I went completely insane on Five Nights at Freddy’s stuff, we’ve got Part II!  In deciding how to divide up these reviews… well hey, tons of photos.  Thematically, this one covers the sets from Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, whoch actually means one big set and a bunch of mini sets – but hey, we’re saving 4 for last!

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 has one major difference setting it apart from the two previous installments in the series. For one thing, it only has one animatronic… sort of. While it’s true that there is only one dangerous animatronic, he has help. The old crew appears in the form of phantoms, or hallucinations – it’s unclear which, though for my money I would say ghosts. The phantoms block your vision, knock out the cameras and ventilation, and otherwise make it easier for Springtrap to kill you.


Springtrap is an old, decommissioned springlock suit, designed to be worn by either an animatronic or a person. Of course, since the animatronic suits contain wires, crossbeams, and what basically amount to razor blade spikes for some reason, Fazbear Entertainment’s springlock suits can be set to “animatronic” or “human” mode with the use of spring locks. Of course, because these games take place in a universe of evil and bad decisions, the locks are notoriously unstable, and have a tendency to break, brutally murdering the person inside. And yes, Springtrap has a corpse trapped inside. But it’s cool, because he was a serial killer. But it’s not cool, because now he’s haunting the suit, and wants to kill you, next. The ill-fated Springtrap suit inhabitant is the infaous “Purple Guy,” who murdered children in Freddy Fazbear’s restaurant for years, which resulted in haunted suits and the games themselves. So yes, the game is essentially one long boss fight. Let’s take a look!




Hello, and welcome to Fazbear’s Fright, a horror attraction based on the gruesome murders at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria thirty years ago! We’ve even got some salvaged artifacts from the original location. Are you scared yet?


Yeah, that’s one of the worst ideas imaginable. So, in this game, you’re night security in a horror attraction while a thirty-year-old zombie robot tries to murder you.


It’s a pretty nifty set, even though it has FREAKING STICKERS. argh. But the detailing is good, considering the oriignal bland greenness of your room. The walls are textured and stained, and you have the bin of spare parts from the original! The game leaves it up in the air whether these are original suit heads or replications, but all the pieces are here, to be arranged however you feel.


Notably, they are all “empty,” which cane give any of your animatronics that eyeless, soulless look. It’s also a first, as these are the Toy Animatronics, including Mangle.


Springtrap looks aazingly creepy. This figure even has his half-lidded eyes, which seems to be overlooked on most Springtrap figures, such as the reglar mini figure. But his eyes were always droopy, something which almost counteracts the mence otherwise surrounding him.


When you see Springtrap in the doorway, it’s already too late.


If he’s in the window, you might have a chance… barely.


Of course, the regular mini also fits in the office, too. I love the dual-use these sets have!


And yes, he does like to hang around the doorway, waiting for you.


JUMP SCARE!!!!!!!!!!! (of course, the animatronic head core is out of place with Springtrap, who has a rotting human skull)




The Phantom Figures present an odd conundrum in making sets for them. Almost all of them “appear” exclusively inside the Security Office, with outside cameos being fairly rare. Phantom Foxy only appears in the office, for example. He comes with a tiny section of wall and yet another Chica head, but Foxy himself is the star attraction here.


He’s mangled, burned, missing an arm, and totally cool! Foxy is always mangled or dilapidated in one way or another, and this version looks like he’s been through a house fire (spoilers: Fazbear’s Fright burns down in the end). Phantom Foxy is one of the most genuinely creepy figures in this line.


Of course, for the jump scare,he should be standing by the bin of heads.


Phantom Freddy is one of the phantoms you will see the most. In his case, he haunts the Security Office, appearing just outside the window and visibly creeping along, making him one of the very few animatronics who moves on camera (outside of his jump scare, of course). So, what’s he doing with an arcade cabinet?


The arcade cabinet is related to Phantom Chica. When you see this nightmarish face on-screen, that means s he is going to jump you. Why include it with Phantom Freddy? Who knows!


But holy yikes, he is a frightening teddy bear. Burned, dilapidated, and with ghost eyes, Phantom Freddy actually looks better like this than in the game, for some odd reason.


This is exactly what you see before he jumps at you – again, it’s a rather creepy sight, seeing a rotten bear robot do a zombie-walk outside your window.


JUMP SCARE! This figure actually looks great in low lighting.


Extremely low lighting, even.


You can also add pieces from Withered Chica, making it look even more mangled!


In fact, it even looks great in some of McFarlane’s zombie sets. How fitting, in its own way…




These sets are just as good as the ones from last time, and acknowledging FNaF 3 is a pretty good thing to do, too. The game is creepy in a unique way in the series, and the more pieces we get to replicate itsunique cast, the better!


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