Comic Book Storytelling: Gwenpool holiday special merry mix up

Welcome back to comic book storytelling and yes I am talking about Gwenpool again.


Marvel decided to give Gwenpool another holiday special and since she is starting to grow on me I picked it up.

It starts with Gwenpool hanging out with the team of villain mercenaries she now leads, that’s a thing that happened in her main series.  She is ready to celebrate Christmas but it seems that Santa Claus has been replaced by Galactus.  And its not just Christmas that has changed, a number of other holidays have gone screwy.  So Gwenpool heads to the North Pole to investigate.  We then take a break from her story for some other holiday tales.

First the Miles Morales Spider-men fights Fin Fang Foom and wins only to discover that the Red Skull, MODOK, and Thanos are also there, but don’t worry Galactus arrives to help save Christmas.

Then we get a look at Pantsgiving, one of the new strange holidays that has appeared, where everyone is supposed to wear hot pants for some reason.  A woman who is upset that no one is buying the hot pants she is selling summons Fin Fang Foom to terrorize people, so they will buy hot pants.  Her name is Ronnie and I’m not sure if she is a character I should recognize from somewhere else or not.  The Punisher saves the day and teaches them a lesson about the true meaning of Pantsgiving.  So they stop attacking the city and deliver hot pants all across the Marvel U.

After that we get a story with the Red Skull.  He is angry that people are saying Hail Hatred instead of Hail Hydra and has a brief Chistmas Carol encounter with the ghost of Hitler before being chained up by SHIELD.

Then we get back to Gwenpool at the North Pole.  The place is swarming with horrifying monsters but she gets through them and meets Santa Claus.  It turns out Santa wanted a break and used ancient magic to replace himself with Galactus.  However this caused a ripple effect that screwed up all of the other holidays.  Santa feels bad about it and agrees to set things right.  He offers Gwenpool the chance to spend the holiday with her family before he does but for her that means hanging out with her mercenary friends.


After all the Christmas stories have been told we get one last special.  Its about Deadpool and it takes place on Halloween.  Deadpool plays some Halloween pranks and then goes to a Deadpool costume contest hosted by Squirrel Girl.  At the party Deadpool ends up beating up that guy who killed Squirrel Girl’s original squirrel companion Monkey Joe.  Remember Monkey Joe?  I remember Monkey Joe.  Anyway Deadpool does not get to win the Deadpool costume contest because he is Deadpool and that would be cheating.


Now I would like to take a moment to talk about a theory I have.  I think that Gwenpool’s family might be dead.  And I don’t mean because the multiverse collapsed and her universe was destroyed.  I think they might have died before that and she was an orphan when reality got rearranged.  I think that she might be using her manic attitude and violent adventures to avoid dealing with her grief.  I might be wrong but her series has been walking a fine line on what kind of tonal territory and this would not be incompatible with it.

Finally lets talk about Gwenpool’s costume one more time.  Yes Gwenpool has bare legs and that is kind of ridiculous for a mercenary but it is also a staple of the superhero genre.  In any story with these sort of costumes you really only get to make one joke about how ridiculous everyone looks and then you just have to let it be.  Otherwise if you keep making the joke you start to undermine your own story.  Gwenpool is walking a fine line on a lot of its tone and content, I will get into this more in another article.  I like Gwenpool and I think they should just let her lack of pants be.  Either that or actually give her some pants, but I don’t see that happening.

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