Hello, everybody!  Remember Mini-Boglins?  The weird, cheap little emoti-goblins I reviewed a while ago?  Well, now there are more!  Tim Clarke, the original designer of the Boglins, has designed a few new Mini-Boglins, which went up for sale at a few art shows, an… okay, this review is sorta unfair, because unless they produce more, these guys will be WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.  There are like 100 of each.  In the world.  Total.  So, although I am about to show off my one new Mini-Boglin, this post actually has some relevance to it.  And hey, supposedly more will come soon.


This is Gore. Now, it’s kind of an oddity how the new Mini-Boglins – the zombie tribe – are named Gore, Southpaw, Mummers and Mini-Blobkin.  Previous tribes were all alliterativ, with names like Drak, Dril, and Droup for Boglins in the same tribe.  Huh.  But anyway, Gore looks pretty good – he’s clearly falling apart at the seams, sorta like Slobulus from the Mad Balls.


That’s terrible dremeling on his underside, but this is apparently Tim CLarke’s first time hand-casting figures.  You can also tell from the consistency of the rubber – it’s oddly harder than usual Mini-Boglin rubber, but I figure he’ll get the hang of it in time.  But let’s discuss something else.  Dremel work aside, this figure has a ton of detail, but is also clearly hand-sculpted.  Some people have, loudly and on the internet, complained that the new figures look “rough” or sloppy.  But that’s the thing.  Gore isn’t really that sloppy, and the rough details are part of his charm.  But even then, like… even if you’re gonna look t this figure and say, “It looks kind of amateurish,” well, have you even seen Mini-Boglins?  Like, HAVE YOU?  Here, let’s look at some classic Mini-Boglins.



This is Stroll. He has a visible fingerprint on his back, right where the scale pattern is smudged because the sculptor pinched the original clay model too hard.


This is Gurg. Gurg also has visible fingerprints, as well as spots where new clay was dabbed onto the sculpt to fix things.


This is Splang. The detailing just sorta stops partway down his body, leaving him a smooth, blank mess.


This is Stog. His scale patterns clearly came from a fingernail, and got doubled-up haphzardly.


This is Boik. Clearly, his warts were made by retracting the tip from a ballpoint pen, and poking at the clay for a while.


This is Trap. I don’t know how many disasters happened to his side, but Trap clearly did not turn out as intended.

Also, don’t forget Poig. He’s actively commiting suicide right now.



Mace is well-sculpted – in fact, some Mini-Boglins were really cleanly-done, but you can’t ignore the huge percentage with visible fingerprints, creases, cracks, missing details, patches on the mold, suicidal tendencies, and who knows what else. Anyway, let’s have a look at Gore next to a couple of rather similar classic Mini-Boglins.



See? He’s actually pretty cool. And honestly, I sorta hope that Tim Clarke finds a way to release more of his figures, so they can be easier to get hold of. I’d love a pile of new Mini-Boglins to coexist with my classic li’l emoti-goblins!

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