Your Daily Nerd Thing: Fanboys


It is time for you daily nerd thing again.  Today that nerd thing is the movie Fanboys.  So why is the nerd thing a movie that came out several years ago?  Because I finally saw it and so I am talking about it today.

I remember hearing about Fanboys when it was being made and seeing preview trailers for it.  However its release was a little screwy.  It came out later than it was intended supposedly because of disagreements over which cut of the film would be released.  By the time it did come out video stores were out of business and I am still behind on streaming so I had to wait for it to be on television when I was home to see it.  And it is a pretty entertaining movie but do wonder about those alternate cuts.



The thing I remember most about the Fanboys promotional stuff was that none of it seemed to mention Kristen Bell.  Aside from the various celebrity cameos Kristen Bell was the biggest name this movie had attached to it at the time.  She had just come off of Veronica Mars.  While that show always struggled with ratings it was beloved by fans.  You would think the marketing department would have looked at that and used her fan following to their advantage but no they did not.  And for all their failure to mention her names in the previews she still appeared in all the promotional images alongside the rest of the cast.


The rest of the main cast were relatively unknown at the time but have gone onto more prominent roles since then.  Jay Baruchel in particular has been around a lot.  Sam Huntington has had success on television.  Dan Fogler was just in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  I recognize Chris Marquette but can’t remember what hes been doing and don’t feel like looking it up.

There is you nerd thing for today.  There will be another the next day.

11 responses to “Your Daily Nerd Thing: Fanboys

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