Your Daily Nerd Thing: Anime in Minutes

Welcome back to another Daily Nerd Thing.  Today you get Anime in Minutes by Gigguk.  You can check him out on youtube.

He makes a number of different videos but recently started a series called Anime in Minutes where he condenses everything that happens in an anime into a few minutes.  Be advised they contain lots of spoilers for the anime although you may not understand them.  Also there is a lot of swearing.  The most recent one was for the fantasy series Re:Zero.

He also did one for Sword Art Online that perfectly capture some of its huge plots holes.  He did one for Tokyo Ghoul but is was removed.  Luckily it has been preserved by other people on youtube.


And that is your last Nerd Thing for this week.  We are taking the weekends off.  If you have any suggestions for a Daily Nerd Thing leave a comment.

2 responses to “Your Daily Nerd Thing: Anime in Minutes

  1. That Re:Zero one was absolute gold! The man is a genius – really capturing the ridiculousness of Anime but not actually hating on it. That coming from an Anime fan like me!

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