Your Daily Nerd Thing: Darkhawk action figure

Welcome to another week of Your Daily Nerd Things.  It may look like I am a day later starting this week but yesterday was President’s Day.  Yeah that sounds like a good excuse.

The first Nerd Thing this week comes from the recent Toy Fair.  There is going to be a Marvel Legends Darkhawk action figure.


Darkhawk was a Marvel Comics character that first appeared back in the 1990’s.  It was also one of the first comic books that I consistently read as a kid.  After his series ended Darkhawk spent many years in continuity limbo.  He was eventually reintroduced as a recovering former teen hero and then later put back on the scene in some of Marvel outer space books.  As it so often happens with lesser known characters his backstory has been retconned to the point of being a bit contradictory and jumbled now.  That’s too bad because his old series had a lot of potentially usable content for Marvel.

Come by tomorrow and the other days this week for more Daily Nerd Things.

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