Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: The Dark Crystal (Funko ReAction)


Whoops, this one was supposed to be posted months ago!  HA HA, I LOSE!  ahem.  Okay, Funko made some Dark Crystal ReAction figures.  I reviewed one, and then forgot the next couple.  Missed the Window of Opportunity to complete the set and crystal, too – maybe I’ll be able to snag a Garthim sometime later.  So, this is belated, and you’ll have to pay some secondary market prices, but… come on, let’s look at the Skeksis Chamberlain and Ursol the Mystic!


“Hmmmmmmmmm?”  Is possibly the greatest and also most annoying line in the whole movie – but hey, that’s the Chamberlain for you.  He’s the most prominent Skeksis in the movie, has the most “standard” design, and gets tons of plot-influencing screen time. It would be wonderful if they made figures of all of them, but in the absence of that dream, I’m happy to see this one. The Chamberlain comes with a sword – all the better for a Trial By Stone, of course!

Man, he’s smarmy. just look at the smug grin on that beak – each Skeksis had a distinct personality (usually variations of “I’m a jerk!”), and the Chamberlain is ommunicated wonderfully well here.

Ah, good old Skeksis. Theres no unrobed variant, of course, but we can all appreciate his hilariously ornate clothing.

Ah, Ursol the Mystic! The Mystics were, of course, too passive to do anything but raise Gelflings, and although their designs are a little more uniform than the Skeksis, they were unique. Ursol is the most “standard” of the stange, six-limbed creatures, though.

Ursol’s face is pure Henson. He’d look at home with the Muppets, or in Fraggle Roc, or hiding out somewhere in the Labyrinth. It’s the snout that does it (coincidentally, he’d also be at home in the Rankin-Bass Hobbit cartoon, but that’s neither here nor there). It does have an unfortunately visible seam, which is more of an issue in up-close pictures than in person.

Ursol’s staff is nicely-detailed, proving that the ReAction line has learned its lesson – it still looks like a vintage accessory, it’s just not horribly cheap now!

Although all his limbs are articulated, Ursol’s arms and legs have a very limited range of motion – you’ve pretty much just got the one pose, with minor variations at best.

But still, much like The Chamberlain, that one pose is all you need. It’s just not a poseable figure, but at least his stance is not overly complicated.

So, what to say? Well, along with their own accessories, each figure comes with one part of the Dark Crystal – so Ive got a decent chunk of it. These figures fit surprpsingly well into the ReAction aesthetic, and buying them all isn’t the worst thing you could do, trust me. it’s unfortunate that this review was late, but it’s not like these figures are impossible to find. If you like Dark Crystal, or even just Jim Henson’s weirder creations, you could do far worse than this set!

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