Your Daily Nerd Thing: Suicide Squad won an Oscar

You may have heard that the Academy Awards were last night.  And yes Suicide Squad won an award for Best Makeup.  This had given many people feelings.  Some are disappointed that Star Trek Beyond did not win the make up award.  This is not the first time the Best Make Up award has gone to a movie starring regular humans instead of a movie with lots of creature effects.  I was sure one of the other nominees would win it but then they said Suicide Squad.  I was not expecting that.

I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad but I recognize it has flaws, a lot of flaws.  But despite those flaws I’m not going to argue that their make up effects were bad because they were actually pretty good.  And given a side by side comparison I think Suicide Squad’s Killer Croc looks more like a real living creature than any of the aliens in Star Trek Beyond.  I’m sorry to all the Star Trek fans.  I like Star Trek.  I’ve been a fan of Star Trek longer than any DC comics characters.

But Suicide Squad is now the Academy Award winning nerd movie of the year.  It would have been really cool if Arrival had won Best Picture but it did not.  By the way did anyone else catch that total mind f#%k when they accidentally announced the wrong Best Picture winner.  That was crazy.  Congratulations to Moonlight for the win.

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