Your Daily Nerd Thing: New Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 trailer

Lets get today’s Daily Nerd Thing done early.  Yesterday a new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was supposed to debut but it turns out we had to wait for Jimmy Kimmel to get it so it was almost the next day by the time it was actually posted.  Here it is.

It looks like a number of the supporting characters from the first movie are moving up and joining the team this time around.  I wonder if Nebula’s increased role will lead up to her reenacting one of her most prominent moments from the comics in Avengers Infinity War.


Yeah Nebula was a character originally created in the 1980’s so her first appearance was different than her current cyborg form.  Anyway I think it would be cool if there is a moment in Infinity War where Nebula gets her hands on the Infinity Guantlet.  Although in the comics Thanos did take it back and well things did not work out well for Nebula after and that’s how she became a cyborg.  But the MCU is different enough that anything could happen.

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